Make it possible to have pet re-locate slightly so you dont get trapped

Right now, I cant get out of a small tunnel area, because my pet decided to block the entry.
I cant move him, because land is claimed, and I cant kill him, because its not raid hour.


OMG yes please! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten stuck inside a hut in New Asagarth, or gotten blocked in a passageway in the Unnamed City because my thralls have epic-level baby-bearing hips.

Maybe some AI so that if you kick your own thrall they navigate to an empty space about 10 feet in the direction you’re facing…


That’s why I prefer hyenas… they are a bit smaller then rhynos or tigers. But even they can block you sometimes (((

YES PLEASE. This feature (or some other with the same function) is extremely necessary. Especially if you use camels - they are awesome, they can carry lots of stuff, even though they suck at defending you, or even themselves - but they are absolutely horrible because how they teleport into you, lag into you, or just simply teleport/run to a spot where they trap you inside. This happens to me literally all the time. With other animals, this is still an issue when it comes to blocking exits and entrances, but with most, they at least cannot trap you IN themselves by glitching into your textures. Camels can and I am prettty sure rhinos and some other animals probably also can. And when PvP is off, you can´t even kick them out of the way, lol.

The best way to approach this imo would be to add a 5th E option on pets and thralls “move,” which would make them take a few steps in a random direction. Basically the same thing that was in place in Fallout 1 and 2, where the game was isometric and your companions would often block your way, so you needed to have a way to tell them to fu, err, to move aside.

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Just carry a simple katana with u. Equip and hard attack… U dash and pass through the blocking pet

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camel is by far the worst

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I’ve been experimenting with various pets after the first patch and got stuck in one of the New Asgarth houses with Greater Shaleback.

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