Fix Pet/Thrall trapping

At least once a day the rhino traps me. Can’t do anything but kill myself or send a clan mate over to pull him off. Somebody please tell me why there isn’t an option to just say “move” and it goes 10 yards away. Not stand guard where you have to have the ability to aim and fight the “level ground” stuff, just a simple “move” feature that would totally change the game for the better. My god fix this.


There is a move function.

I don’t know what platform you’re on, but on PC you just put the reticle on the area you want the following pet to go, then press the activate key “E” by default.

With the rhino you might be trapped in a way the prevents this because of the pets hitbox.
Make and carry a katana the cheep iron one will do, then when the pet traps you use the katana the forward motion from the attack will move you past the animal.

Also in the pets redial menu there is an option to follow at a greater distance, that could possibly alleviate the issue altogether.

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I’m on XBOX and when this happens its over. You can do nothing but ask a clan member to head your way or kill yourself. Daggers/Katana forward dash do nothing here. This is almost a daily occurrence for me and my clan mates. The Rhino is also kept on the second to furthest follow distance but sometimes it just ports to you when its too far behind and it ports right on top of you and then that’s it. |

A single command that just forces a thrall/mount to walk 10 feet away fixes literally every single issues with them trapping and cornering people. Trying to move place them doesn’t work when you’re tapped like this either because your view is 100% inside of the Rhino.

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Well I’m sure there must be an xbox equivalent to the move function.
Let me see if I can get an xbox pro up in here.
@sestus2009 you’re on xbox aren’t you?

Can you help here?

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Isn’t there a function follow distance? Rarely happens to get stuck when you set them on like 10-15 meters

It has been used in many games. It ports you back to the last previous spot you were on.
Why has FC not implemented this feature?
Poor program management.

I agree with the OP, fix it.

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The Funcrom way is “oh did we make a mistake in the game? well the best course of action is for you to kill yourself then”

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I had happen to me I think horse set 10 meters,

I climbing so horse went right by wall I fell and land in crack between horse and wall I couldn’t climb and I couldn’t give horse movement because of horse hit box. So I had remove my bracelet to get out.

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I hope in some other patch Funcom will adopt “battle cry” from Testelie’s mod. You “cry”, your Thralls/Pets just run few yards away from you. All of them, not only those on follow :wink:


Yes I am on ps4. Although we have some large pets we don’t run with them. Have not been stuck in a pet for along time. Ps4 has the move feature but like op said you have to have a place to send them. I try and get deliberately stuck when I am on next.

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True story:
About five or six months into early access, FC turned off the suicide option, and had not even contemplated adding climbing. They also turned off starvation and any way to kill yourself.
I was exploring with a friend and he became stuck between someone’s base and an embankment.
I went to help and ended up stuck myself. Neither of us could get out of the “hole” we were in.
I actually had to go to another server and start over, as I had no way to play my avatar any longer and did not want to delete and lose all of my builds. (No decay back then either). I tried voicing my predicament on the old Steam forum and was ignored.
Two months later they reactivated starvation and suicide, but by then I was already deep into my new avatar and just deleted my old one.


Greater Panthers are actually the very worst, in my opinion. When they get stuck in a doorframe because they aggroed, you can be in a real pickle. I deleted them as soon as I could.

Probably because someone would figure out how to exploit it.

It always amazed me how people figure out hacks and exploits, I mean do they spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to cheat? That is called get a RL.
On the flipside, FC cannot be so worried about possible exploits that they handicap the normal playerbase.
I mean it only took them three years to fix undermeshing, so they cannot be THAT worried.

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I don’t have sympathy for the Devil, but when I started out with (personal) computers they were in their infancy. Everything I did was counter-code to others’ work, to ensure there were no holes. To plug them, you must find them. Some people make a job out of finding exploits, and the Exploit Hunter programs at various devs can pay up to $1,000 for standard exploits.

To me, I kinda understand why you can’t kick-move a horse. But why can’t I kick the Panther out of the doorway?

Well the one and only exploit I found, I found by accident.
It’s been patched out long ago, But I still wont explain how it was done just in case.

I reported it as soon as I verified that it was repeatable.

But as I said in another post, all the steps leading to it were innocent, and just happened.
Unexpected results from basic gameplay.

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