Various bugs need addressing

Duplicating glitch needs to be fixed
Invisible pets bug is still active
Not to mention hatch doors have trouble staying open and closing correctly

I completely agree with you, new patch was last night and nothing fixed.

Wdym? There was no patch?

THis patch brought you a bit of new content, lots of bugs and cash grabbing shop. What else do you need?

Ok, joke aside … the current state of the conan is not funny at all. While most of the pets are not attacking, stuck in some wierd animations, getting stuck in environment, blocking paths…there is also horse moving in attack with your pets and it shouldn’t. Bazaar not working, challenges works when they are , lots of times unable to get them done, not to mention bosses glitching over the wall etc etc. Risen corpses gets invisible, some building parts can’t be built even if there is nothing in the way and so much more … It’s just not fun playing the game in current state. Imagine how we server owners feels with all those questions regarding why is this like that and why it does not work etc …

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