Almost 3 weeks in...3 patches and nothing fixed

Hey Funcom…do you know what this game feels like to me? You know when a sales flyer says a certain item is on sale, you go to buy it, then a sales rep says they don’t have any more in stock and this other item is all they have left? Yeah…this game feels just like that. A bait and switch.
Some important features that attracted me to the game in EA are gone and, as I understand it, not coming back. Thanks for that. And a lot of things that worked great in EA are now tweaked to the point of uselessness.
That brings me to my next point. Did you ever go out and buy something and it didn’t work right and when you contacted the place you got it from, did they ever tell you that you’re stuck with it for weeks on end till they could get to it? No…you took it back and got another one or something else that worked, right? Or they made things right with you immediately in some other way. Well, we can’t do that with this game.
I didn’t have one single problem with how this game ran on my $1,600. gaming rig before the update two weeks before release. Now I have stuttering, poor performance, and a myriad of bugs. Probably from you guys basically changing way too much way too soon without properly testing it all two weeks before release. Scary part is is that most of the problems exist in single play and multi play. This is the only game I have problems with and have run diagnostics on my rig just to be sure. It’s not my rig.
Bottom line: I certainly will not be playing CE until it’s fixed. I’ve shut down my G-Portal server. I’ll check back periodically to see if you’ve fixed it. I’m certainly not going to give it good reviews until I actually see a finished working game and will recommend people wait to buy it until they hear you’ve made things right for your customers. I really hope that’s soon. We have no idea when that might be. You guys have been disturbingly silent on the matter.
Currently, the game’s only redeeming factors are that it has an admin panel and can be tweaked to make game play slightly more tolerable and I only payed a few bucks for it in CE…not counting purchasing the Barbarian Edition…at least I have something to show for buying that.
First time Funcom customer and potentially the last time.
Good luck and good day.

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