You put out more DLC, but haven't fixed the game

I checked in on the game as I do with every update. It took me about 3 minutes of play to see that it still stutters on my high end rig and NPC’s and animals still clip through the environment etc…etc. People in my gaming community have reported the same also stating that the stuttering has worsened. This is the only game that plays like crap on our rigs and we have some resource hogs.
You put out more DLC that costs 10 bucks, but won’t get the game running right. It’s no wonder that players are steadily falling off on Steam. All you want is more money for a game that doesn’t run properly.
Oh well. Back on the shelf it goes. I’ll check back then to see if you people actually fix anything. We’ve hung in there this long because we really liked the game before it got badly messed up. But we’re not going to hang in there forever.



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Bugs are ALWAYS priority one (1). Even if the DLC had no impact on their ability to fix the bugs, the way it looks is just awful. It makes the company seem to be greedy and apathetic to the player base, when this is very likely not the case.

C’mon Funcom, get your eyes open and take a look at the world. Perception is important in a sales related industry.


It’s a cosmetic DLC. What resources exactly do you think that takes away from bug fixing? I’ll give you a hit. Zero.


So you think that it is the designers who open a tool and include meshes in the new build, assign properties and textures to those meshes, give them the IDs and values and so on?
Hint: nope.


Additionally, you think that bugs which take time to figure out, correct, and test should hold up release of planned content that was already in development, has been tested,amd works? That seems odd.

Also… If my crappy 8+ year old PC that doesn’t even meet the recommemded minimum requirements (graphics card just barely, CPU barely does not) can run this game well enough to be fluid and enjoyable (unlike say no man’s my which is way too choppy), what is up with your rigs?


Guys, they need money to keep working. If they dont generate revenue, we dont get any support at all.

This exact same conversation plays out every single time this topic comes up:

  2. But it’s cosmetic DLC and the artists don’t do dev work!
  3. I won’t support a company which grabs for money while the game is in such a bad state!
  4. But the company needs revenue from DLC sales to pay developers to fix bugs!
  5. Goto 1.

They had money during EA. Did they fix the bugs that were present during EA? Nope, they are still in the game after a year and a half.


Still the devs do actually implement the stuff that is made by artists, though. Which in turn means that they are preoccupied with that instead of bug fixing.


Wrong, it introduces even more bugs to fix when bugs that really need attention still exist.


Monah Monah Monah… oh and fence foundations don’t work now… atleast for me. Well done.

This two comments are not opinions, are facts. People can have an opinion about them, but they are truths, facts that can be proven.

Now my opinion is that in addition to those facts, it’s good that many players keep getting incentives to play and support the game. I myself have been “suffering” bugs since day one, have fought for many of them to be acknowledged & fixed, and have seen many of them be fixed (while some others appeared, yes, we know, its also happening with the awesome free update of no mans sky).

Given that, I know if I keep playing I will keep encountering some bugs, but exactly the same content. After more than 500h played, my incentive to keep playing and supporting the game is not only to see they keep fixing stuff as they do, but having new content. New optional content I can choose to get or not, and pay to support them or not.

So yeah, despite some can’t understand the two facts I quoted, I am sure many many players that want to keep playing and supporting the game are glad this optional cosmetic dlc released today.

I will go back to play it some more, until I get tired of the game / wait for X bugs to be fixed / wait for more content to come.

Which btw, we all have a big dose of content coming, pets, jebbal sag etc.

For me, this point only stands, slightly, regarding the free, non cosmetic content we will soonly get. Which will of course introduce many things that will need patching and bug fixing. Khitai dlc needed what, 2 bug fixes? The one about the door with more hp, and the one about weapons and armors? Those were just balance changes, im sure a dev implemented em while on the toilet XD

Aaaand know what? Most of games I own, when they add some new content, paid or free, they also include a ton of bug fixes. Always, im not even gonna give examples, you should know.


Its a perception issue, if you bought a car from a garage and the engine didn’t start, they took it back to the workshop, went on holiday for a month and when returning still hadn’t fixed it but were happy to sell you some wheeltrims, you would go ape. I dont care about the revenue stream or who does what in Funcom, eveybody in the company from the tea lady to the MD needs to be fixing bugs, even if thats just playtesting, anyone can do that…


From the reviews I’m reading on steam the DLC is broken too >< . In particular armor not having stats. Can anyone here confirm that? Just curious. Downloading myself now, but I don’t think I can access it in game yet.

Just get a look at this thread, it is already being discussed.

From what i have seen in game, aquilonian armors do have armor rating but the bonus is not working and there is no temp protection, if it answers your question.

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Ah, didn’t see it there only saw it on steam.

Comparing this game to a car who’s engine doesn’t work is apples to bananas. A car costs thousands of dollars and is needed to get around. This is a game used for leisure. Please everyone stop comparing this game to buying a faulty car.
Also, there are plenty of people for whom this game works perfectly fine. Should they not be able to have new content because it doesn’t work for others? I have been playing on a server I rented for about a month and a half. Got it before the MOAP release and had no issues. I still have that server, but decided to try using the dedicated server app found here on a laptop I had laying around. I am having some issues on that one and am compiling info that will hopefully nail down some reasons for the issues. Being that I have issues on one server and not another tells me that some of these bugs will take time to smash and I don’t see any reason for the company to make money which will help fund the bug killing.


Well im happy your running bug free, your part of a very lucky minority.

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Eventhough i am encountering quite a lot of issues i have to agree with THIS

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