Where is "Fixed game" DLC?

I have been a fan, but I think I’m out. I logged in to check out the changes to see DLC I can’t buy while the game is still a buggy mess. I am one of the unfortunate “light armor” bugged. I kept thinking that would be fixed days after launch and it never came. But they have time to add paid DLC? How about deliver what I paid for first, then we’ll talk upgrades. What a slap in the face.


The coveted “500 Fixes” megapatch should be coming out next week. Hopefully before the DLC get’s certified.

Even then, I’m sure Funcom is well aware that releasing the DLC before the Megapatch will cause a faeces-storm of biblical proportions. If not, and they are forced by top management to release the DLC before the Megapatch… well. Prepare some popcorn. There’s only so much recurring patterns an IP can take.


And the DLC isn’t taking away any time from the debug team.
But nobody knows this. Hopefully Funcom knows that nobody knows.

Also, I think Funcom’s very bizzy trying to solve a common finicky problem within C++. The problem of inheritance and polymorphism.

You see… Unreal Engine is based on C++, and that language is really hard. (To me at least. Makes my head spin)

Whenever an item in the game is modded, that’s fine. It inherits it’s attributes from the “source-item”. The template it is copied from. It’s changes are proliferated throughout it’s children or… it’s “instances”.

However if you change or add something to the source item, these changes are not proliferated, because the instances of said source item was made of that source item BEFORE the changes or additions were made.

You get abandoned little entities with it’s ItemID displayed…

I think that’s one of the many things that gives Funcom the most headache at this point. I can see why they are taking so long.

It’s why everyone’s Orbs were removed.


All resources are shared at some level. Funcom resources are being devoted to developing DLC while the game is a mess. This stuff should have been fixed in beta, not after launch. The game launched in a sorry state, but we waited, hoping more bugs would be squashed. I think they know the game is already in a death spiral and so they will try to milk it for what they can get as it crashes and burns.

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I feel so bad for the teams working on this game.
I think the programmers are working away as hard as they possibly can without getting a nervous breakdown from knowing that top management is failing really hard on understanding the nuances of the consumers of the gaming industry. “Hey, we generated some cash. I know my job, little programmer. How about you do what I pay you to do, and you let me do my job, at which i rock at btw.”

throws arms up in the air

Publishers who put their own IP on kickstarter. What do you expect?


The guy responsible for the DLC is an artist/ 3D modeller. They use the in-house tools that Funcom provided to implement assets into a system that has already been implemented. The workflow allows the artist to work more independently from other departments on a technical level.

Wether the DLC will be released before or after the Mega-patch will decide, in the eyes of the public, wether it’s milking or not. I just don’t think it’s fair. I feel sooo bad for the dev teams. The people who follow orders, despite knowing what’s gonna happen.

You know how it is. This week will really decide a lot.

If they do release mega patch before DLC, man. That’s instant FD-grade De-aggro. That’s like saying “We know, we know, we know!! Jesus…”


I’ve seen some amazing work on this game and I certainly don’t blame the foot soldiers who I think have poured their hearts into this game. Games are big business now and like Hollywood before it, the industry will be ruined by those who would sacrifice everything for a buck. It’s great to make money and be rewarded for your work. The people who are infiltrating (have infiltrated) the game industry are vampires. I imagine some might be pulling the strings at Funcom if this is the kind of business decision they make. It’s most games now. This is why video games are sucking. Oh, that and the SJW army infiltrating it.


Word Bruv.

Conan Universe deserves the likes of Chris Roberts. Top brass who believes in it more than just another project to manage. Someone who knows the nuances of the gaming industry inside out, top to bottom, and dedicates an entire building floor to player communication.

Some might say he understands gamers a bit too well, and exploits this rather effectively, but hey. Look at where he is now.

I think there is a lot of opportunity for companies to leverage on player sentiments by being more empathic, psychological, and less factory-business minded, where the bottom line dictates actions, as opposed to how this might affect the feelings of the consumers.

At the end of the day, the game industry is very much a business about passion.

Star Citizen knows where it’s at. Players are a toxic lot, and communication, reassurance and proof of progress are anti-dotes to such toxins.

Natascha is doing an incredible job. That lady has my respect, cuz she is both well composed and dedicated. I think she’s the sort of woman that can maintain a smile, while having her face covered with slime from an ogre shouting her in the face. She does it right. Or maybe I just have a crush on her. Who knows.

Now… Why does Funcom have such a reputation of being an out-dated business model? As if Funcom is run by a buncha Mercedes Benz driving baby boomers, who manage projects and read newspapers instead of playing games?

Well… It’s the little things like selling Conan’s Atlantean Sword for 40 euroes with a complete disregard for poeple who have been with the game since it’s inception on Kickstarter. Flashing that atlantean sword on dev streams…

Or hiding the fact that maybe they have an endorsement deal with gPortal where they don’t actually have to pay for any official servers? Cuz that’s something i’d do, if I worked for Funcom, except I wouldn’t find a need to keep that a secret. Cuz it reassures players of the longevity of the servers.

Or the extreme budget cuts/ re-direction of manpower from Age of Conan to a complete and utter flop (The Secret World). One does not simply recycle manpower… the team who creates the MMO is the MMO.

Players want to feel like you haven’t given up on something… again, because of the bottom line.

Games are about passion. It’s why I think Sean Murray is bloody awesome. Yes… the guy who over-hyped No Man’s Sky. He and his team are STILL working on it, because they like to. They genuinely enjoy it and not because of the bottom line.


I had high hopes for this game and quit another pretty large game to play this, but my hopes for this game are pretty slim now. I’ll keep an eye on patches in case there’s a miracle turnaround on the project, but I’m off to find a new game.

Season 14 just started on Diablo 3. it should tide you over till the next megapatch drops on testlive.

I don’t give money to Blizzard.

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Please do not compare this team to Chris Roberts and co. I mean really $1000.00 $2000.00 USD concept ships that are still not in game after 5 years and game universe that is not finished. Roberts is selling vaporware.

In the 5 years I have followed the dev of SC they have still not come out with a complete game just bits and pieces. Chris being a visionary is not true. He is probably the main reason the company is floundering and missing deadlines. - SC is scam.

At least the CE crew gave people a game. Its bugged as hell and stuff should not have come out of EA that did show in the Live release. That was poorly done.

But SC is not a game and comparing anything to it claiming SC a game or the people are visonary’s is misleading.


And when it does come out in 2020, where will you be? What will you say then? Hypothetically.

“It’s about time. It sucks though.”, I’m guessing.

There really seems to be one unified theme going on in this industry:

*Pays for the game": GOD THIS SUX! I wasted my money!
Pays for next game GOD THIS SUX EVEN MORE! I wasted my money. The game industry sux.
Pays for next game GOD THIS GAME SUX. It HAD so much potential…
Pays for next game GOD THIS DEVELOPER SUX. Promised a buncha stuff and failed.
Pays for next game GOD THESE SEQUELS SUCK. Milking bastards!
Pays for next game OMG where do these devs come from!?!?!?!

But then, being unapologetically enthusiastic about something of course makes you look like the younger brother of the family, or some fanboy… Everyone wants to be that jaded, experienced older brother, the discerning, experienced client, saying everything sux and everyone else is a fraud.

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You are stretching the truth by calling SC a game which it is not and you do nobody any favors here by making that absurd comparison to a game that was initially promised in 2016.

The Devs at CE deserve better than that comparison.


SC has a live road-map that it adheres to. SC is systematically checking one promise after another on it’s checklist and has playable proof for it.

Cloud Imperium is so meticulous in their technical transparency, that you even feel privy to their THOUGHT PROCESS and TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION of said features.

I have flown a starship with a car in it, down from space onto a planet. I have driven on the planet. I have felt the starships, seen it’s fidelity. Seen the cities on the planets, the moons.

What I see, is what I believe. When I zoom in to a cockpit panel, and interact with it, with my mouse as if it were a touch screen… When I carry a box from a mission giver, stash it onto my starship, and fly to it’s destination, then am expected to actually personally carry the box to the reciever, and actually place it on his table to complete the mission… That my friend, is seeing to believe it. There is not an ounce of “implied” gameplay in SC. Everything you do, is fidelity.

Ever seen your Conan Exiles character pick up a nugget of ore with his/her hands? Or tear out an animals bones?
That’s the difference between fidelity and implied gameplay.

You have clearly not played SC.

You see… What’s more motivating? Moonlighting on something with a way out? Or Moonlighting on something that your future depends on?

Do you seriously think a project that has raked in 186 million dollars in funding is but a pipe dream?

Don’t even make me compare Cloud Imperium to Funcom… That’d test the moderators patience, i promise you that.

But listen. I might have been unfair.

We’ve yet to see Funcom fail. The day is still young, right?


original backer since 2013. I know what SC is about and yes you are being economical with the truth here about it. CE cannot be compared to an in complete MMO that has missed every deadline and has not delivered on the initial 100 star systems promised but given players components to two. Its not a game yet and will never be.

Conan is a game and though buggy is complete. SC is bits and pieces of assorted crap. That cannot handle a full instance.

Even the mining they promised as a profession was a lie given what they just revealed.


To those who are mad about the game being bugged and DLC coming out. The devs have explained this several times.

The art team behind the DLC has zero impact on bug fixes. If they are not producing Conan DLC, they will move on to other (translates to not Conan) projects. At least if they are producing and earning money on this project, Funcom has a real reason to keep them on this game. That means that this community continues to get new content.

The bug fixes are coming. Some bugs are easy to fix, some, not so much. Some of the fixes will accidentally break some stuff. It happens. And official patches probably won’t work with your favorite mod until the mod gets updated. That’s the risk of playing modded games.

All of this has been addressed by Funcom, yet still the whining. I understand being frustrated when what you are trying to do isn’t working the way it should, but continually complaining about things that have already been addressed, and are being worked on, or assuming that you are somehow being slighted by how Funcom is doing business when in actuality you haven’t been watching the dev streams or reading their blogs or informing yourself in any way is not productive.

In short, in the nicest possible way, what I’m trying to say is that if you do some research, Funcom told us how all this was going to work more than six months ago while the game was still in early access. The DLC is necessary to justify the continued manpower utilization of development assets on this game, while an ENTIRELY different department Is hard at work addressing your quality concerns and implementing things that didn’t make it into the game for release. If the new DLC is bad, or doesn’t sell well, then those people will move on to other games or even other companies (artistic consultants are often contracted only for the duration of the current project). Not doing this DLC wouldn’t have made any impact on any other part of how the game does or does not work. Please go read the dev blogs or the streams on YouTube. I think that a lot of your answers are there.

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oh shi… i was backed Star Citizen during KS in 2012.
It is still a buggymash alpha with poor multiplayer and 15% of content and nonending concept ‘sales’. And like Freelancer it need Microsoft to came to boot out croberts and release the game.

DS was right ©

you need to try ED or I:B or Hellion

ED rocks. Empyrion: Galactic Survival rocks harder.

But I’ma not try anything after the purges are fixed cuz i’ll know what i’ma be doing :wink:

Gonna go to work today so I can take the day off where they release the 500 fix patchnotes.

Play hard or work hard. No in between, yo :smiley:

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You know, thats what I like on farcry series/ubisoft, the detail of all motions is total immersion.

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Conan’s fidelity is the character agency.

If you look down from first person, it feels as though your in that body and the body touches the ground. Sways with the wind. It’s part of the world. The body leaves footprints etc. It’s like your conduit to another world.

Investing details on something the player sees the most and identifies with is a perfect use of resources.

Conan Exiles has one of the best foundations i have ever experienced. The team really nailed it where it counts the most.