Fight funcom with your $$$$

these bugs/glitches are not getting fixed fast enough only way to remedy this is to show them what poor support gets the DO NOT BUY THE DLC PACK when released only way we can show them the error of their ways is to simply not drop another dime on the game.


this seems counter productive.
why would they continue to support this game if they cannot receive any revenue.
at least there not releasing new map dlc in EA like ark lol. also there trying man , may not be what you and others want but there trying.


This is a bad idea, for a multitude of reasons: (1) they certainly have been supporting the game and issued bug/glitch fixes post launch; (2) they are continuing to support the game and will be issuing a major 500 bug/glitch update soon; (3) they are continuing to add free content to the game and will be issuing an update including pet taming, a new religion, and I believe some new dungeons; (4) I believe they said the team working on the paid DLC is a different team than is working on the bug/glitch updates; (4) companies need $$ in order to pay employees that can continue supporting a game if it is to have a reasonable game-life; (5) you are not required to buy the Khitan DLC; and (6) the Khitan DLC looks cool as F***.

Suffice it to say, I will not join in your embargo as I see it as very ill-advised.


It’s interesting to see how today people are willing to accept a broken game and not expect a developer to fix it if they can’t make money from it.

Btw I have a broken 60 inch flat screen at home I’m willing to sell you guys. I’ll even fix it for you if you let me charge you for the cables and peripherals.


I’m not aware of anyone who does not expect bugs/glitches to be fixed. They are not making money on fixing the bugs. And, you ignored all other points as to why IMO boycotting the DLC is silly.

Your analogy is incredibly faulty. The analogy you attempted to draw is closer to someone selling a 60 inch TV that does work and promises channels 1-10, except every now and then the screen flickers, and you can’t get channels 2 and 5. That person also sells you the TV with the caveat that they will fix the screen flickers and access to channels 2 and 5 for free. Later that person gives you the option, to purchase channel 11 and other future programming.

Analogies aside, we are free to purchase, or not, the Khitan DLC.

I nor anyone should base their purchasing decisions on others opinions. If I like the content in the DLC, I will buy it. If I don’t, I won’t. If the DLC was game changing and gave those who bought it an advantage over those who did not then I would understand the outcry. If they were offering DLC while saying that the game is done and they won’t fix the bugs, I would be just as outraged. I really don’t understand what the big deal is about a cosmetic DLC. Do I want the bugs fixed? Absolutely. But I’m not the least bit upset that they are releasing the DLC. In fact, I welcome new content to keep me interested in the game while they fix the bugs.
OK now everyone can call me a fanboy because I disagree with them.

ck ya stats on that gear it aint just cosmetic lol

Missed one big point they are providing servers from their own revenue this is not something they need to do

Well I will say this to the original comment. Sure they need to make $$$. Everyone does, but haven’t they made enough already to be more focused on fixing issues than to make more revenue? I know everyone on XBox and PS4 paid $50 for the game. I’m sure a portion of that goes to the retailers but my point is this has been out for over a year on PC so they have made some revenue already. I would like to see DLC content but I would much rather have the bugs fixed first. People are upset because Funcom isn’t responding to these issues fast enough. I read their big statement promising a big 500 bug fix/patch or whatever but with no ETA listed. Hell they didn’t even apologize and admit the game has several flaws. Big flaws and small. Hell I even noticed the back ground music gets stuck at times. I mean there are a lot of broken elements about this game. I feel it wasn’t tested enough and they released way to early. I hope you guys are correct and they are in fact working diligently on getting this game fixed. However like a ton of other small game developers out there this could be it and they are not really focused on fixing it. Look at all the promises No Man Sky made and what an epic failure it was.


that’s very true S77V12, i hope they respond to that, like i said in a other topic, if funcom doesnt fix those bugs fast or this game will be there DOOM!

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No they’re not.

Servers run through GPortal. GPortal charges monthly fees for private servers. It’s an entirely different business model.

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I actually like this game. Yea there is some bugs, some annoying, but I still want to pick it up and play… I won’t buy the dlc because I’m still having fun without it, but I hope everyone else does.

Sorry man, I just really didn’t give a shìt about your points.

Fact is, we as consumers veto away our rights all the time because we think something “looks cool”.

I come from a period growing up where half the content of a new game wasn’t locked behind dlc pay walls. Developers didn’t hold content back from launch so they could release it a month later as a DLC. We also didn’t have huge amounts of bugs and glitches at launch that took months to remedy because developers actually gave a shìt about the impression they gave their customers with their games. Developers and publishers had much better business practices back then. They didn’t continually seek ways to take advantage of the consumer.

Then somewhere along the line somone got the bright idea to charge for a DLC that wasn’t an expansion to a pre existing game. And a bunch of stupid fuсking ‘gamers’ shelled out cash in droves and the industry turned. The next thing you know there’s dlc everywhere, for everything.

Things change, I understand that, but we also as consumers have the power to make sure that these practices are kept in check. I don’t give a fuсk if Funcom makes more money. They still have a ‘full game’ they sold us that they still need to fix. If they manage that, then I’ll be concerned on whether or not Funcom is able to turn more profit. Then I’ll care. But if you can’t manage to fix this

It’s pretty simple, they sold us a game, a full working game. That’s what is expected. If they can’t provide that, then they have no business expecting to make more money.

The only language these knuckleheads speak, is money. So we need to play the consumer game with them.

I’m not saying boycott this DLC. I really don’t care, but at some point WE as gamers need to pull our heads out of our аsses and do something about this shìt before we end up having to pay for a DLC just to be able to finish a game.


Just return your game and play another, that’ll be more effective than moaning all day.

I see your point, and to a small degree agree – But, I do not see what FunCom has done here as any kind of egregious offense against its player base or gamers in general. I am not a fan of the loot-boxes in other games where you only have a small chance of getting something cool amidst a load of potions and other BS items. At least here, you know what you are paying for in terms of the arguably cosmetic DLC, and they have stated they will continue to add free content (i.e pet taming, new religion, dungeons, archery update, etc.). If and when they actually fail to follow through, which one cannot tell at this point barely a month out of full launch, I may go into grumpy mode too.

What I don’t agree with is any assertion they are not working to fix the bugs. I see a track record indicating they are doing what they can. As such, I, with good faith expectations that they will continue to address the bugs/glitches, will purchase the DLC because the Khitan stuff will make me happy and it will support a game that I enjoy as is, even with the bugs.

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I like the idea but unfortunately that only gives them a bigger incentive not to fix the problems they left unfinished in the Console version of the game.

We are the poor cousins we get what is left over from our PC cousins dinner plates. Were not important.

Well let me say games didn’t have the issues back then as they do now. Why it’s simple . Didn’t have the content, graphics, size, and I can list several more. The games back then we’re simple so less stuff to fix. As for buggy it happens. If you can live with it as they are working on it stop playing the game. Come back when it’s fixed. Sitting in here crying and ■■■■■■■ about what you think doesn’t get anything done. Funcom has a obligation they are aware of it so give them time. If your not patient enough to wait it out stop playing till it’s fixed.


I dont see the point in buying cosmetic dlc to a game that is dying this fast , dont get me wrong i like it but ive never seen servers bleeding out so fast last month ps servers were packed with players lately its just 10 players orso being on max , pretty sad reality is there aint much to do or achieve when u start thriving instead of surviving . Add ingame chat add leaderboards add callingcards or some stuff.

You know what, I would give you that, and I would agree regarding complexity of games today… IF said developer at least attempts to polish what does work right. In the case of Funcom, that didn’t happen, you can see it in every aspect of the game that they were fresh out of polish. There just was, and still is, too much wrong to suggest otherwise. From entire part of the UI that simply have no function, although they should, to mechanics like the purge not working correctly (or at all). The thrall. Problems with health, falling through floors ect ect ect…

The lag and all that shìt, the rubber banding, poor rendering, ect I can over look as a need for just further optimization server-side and so forth, but when you sit and consider this game has been in early access open development for well over a year BEFORE launch… Most of these things should have been ironed out a long time ago to the point that we don’t have to deal with them at all. Especially things that revolve around the core of the game, like thralls, the purge, and so forth. Those are things they should have locked down and tightened up months ago. But here we are, they’re not, and ugh… That’s where the complete lack of pride and caring for the impression their game made comes in.

A certain level of roughness is acceptable in any freshly developed game. But Conan is by far one of the roughest I’ve ever seen.

So yeah, I get that games are a lot more complex than what they were 30, 20, even 10 years ago. But it’s about the approach. Funcom failed on that end. And that’s a big reason I have a lot of problem trusting that they’ll do right by us in the future.

If they didn’t care enough to put the right approach into play for launch what makes us think they’ll care enough to do it moving forward?

That said, the game has progressively, albeit slowly, improved for the most part. So I guess we’ll just see how it goes.

I intend on buying the DLC myself, but it’ll wait until after I see what they do with this 500 fix thing.

But rest assured, I don’t think it’s just Funcom that’s the bad guy, this entire industry is just trash at this point. Too much worry about business and a lot of stepping over a dollar tomorrow to pick up a penny today. Like I said they spare no expense at figuring out ways to take advantage of the consumers. Some don’t, and you see huge levels of loyalty for those developers from gamers, if these other dogs would take note of that, there’d be alot more chow in their bowls than what they getting constantly scheming to rip us off.

It’s like Joel Bylos made a crack at CD Projeckt Red a week or so ago and somone called him out on it. His defense was something about billion dollar companies not needing anyone to defend them. But the truth is, CD Projeckt Red EARNED those billions by delivering superior products time and time again, and NOT gouging their player base at every twist and turn. They have loyalty because they veer away from the garbage practices in this industry, not completely, but enough that it gets noticed. The result is they roll in it.

Funcom could roll in it too, this game has that kind of potential, but they really need to step up their game to see that happen.

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Ok I’ll agree with you on that. There are alot of simple things they could fix to prove they are trying to get game where they said it would be.

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