Aquilonian DLC -- no temperature protection

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [All]

Aquilonian Armors do not provide cold or heat protection
Aquilonian Infantry (medium) helmet is not available to spawn in the admin panel


Why am i not surprised this wasent even play tested


Oh wonder…


they say they add vit and agi, but on the stat screen shows nothing for me, so stats don’t work either.


And Black Dragon says adds Grit, but also shows no buff on the Stats screen.


Oslo Vikings, it sounds like the StatModificationTable entries for the DLC armors got borked after testing.

The helmets also remove my characters beard, I mean I know the Romans really liked cleanliness but damn, not even getting a choice in the matter! Haha.


i can confirm there is no temperature protection on the equipment.

This company makes ubisoft look good :rofl:


Maybe we will get a Hotfix tonight :slight_smile:

@ Other posters,

If you’re replying here just to take pot shots at Funcom, please don’t. It adds absolutely nothing constructive to what is a forum section dedicated to bug reporting.

There are other places to give Funcom feedback and voice your general opinions in very vague ways. This is not one of those places.

However you feel about this or any other patch, these are people at work doing their jobs and there’s just really no excuse to berate them senselessly on their forums. It’s not how you’d want to be treated at your job, so please keep that in mind.


The lower part of the medium set is bugged as hell on my male char, the center flap is streached down to both legs and streach out as you run, looks silly, seams ok on female chars

Aside of no temperature, no stats as well (at least light armor, made flawless).
I love those sandals though… Shoes… They have been a big issue…
Now if only we could change the stat on armors to the ones we prefer… :star_struck:

I’ve just crafted flawless epic medium and there is no temperature protection and no bonus armor at all

Brownies alert

No, true. I would not like to be treated this way. That is why I take my job seriously. If I would be doing the job they are doing, shameless, I would not expect any less. You know, it can happen, but usually lessons are learned from past mistakes, this is just getting ridiculous now. Even for their money grab DLC they manage to screw it up yet again.


Yep the agility bonus is not showing up and it’s not a visual bug, you can see in the attribute window that it is indeed NOT taken into account, moreover the armor rating of your character has clearly no bonus / buff from agility.
The total armor rating matches perfectly all armor pieces combined together numbers, which shouldn’t be the case.

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The sandals are the only part from this outfit that i like, the rest is…immersive i’d say, but def not for my character’s taste.
The bow looks nice and the daggers are ok, but i’m going off topic now.

Medium armor helmet (infantry) is misspelled to Aquloninan instead of Aquiloninan as well

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