Aquilonian DLC armors give No STATS

Game mode: [Online and Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

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Hello, with the new DLC I was hyped about the roman/hellenic looking armors you added to the game, however when I finally crafted a set the only bonus I got from it was Armor points. when I looked at the armor part’s description it clearly says that the light set is supposed to give bonus agility, the medium one bonus vitality and the heavy one bonus grit. None of the normal sets do (any part, I tested them all). I then proceeded to launch a single player session and see if the EPIC sets and the exceptional/flawless parts had the same bug and after testing every set and even combining parts I can safely say that NONE of the DLC armors work properly.

PS It seems strange that there is also no Weather resistance on the sets, I saw that the kitan DLC armors got weather resistance so why not the aquilonian???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Equip any Jewel of the West Armor piece
2.Go to attribute menu
3.Verify that you get bonus (+x) from armor on agility/grit/vitality
4.Fix the damn bug because right now the armors are only useful on thralls

I’m sure they’re aware of this, it’s annoying I know, what makes me laugh is that they allowed a bug like this to remain unfixed for so long, this is paid DLC, I’m sure people expect better attention to detail.

We are aware and it’s fixed internally.
It will go out with one of the next patches :slight_smile:

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Thank you Tascha, I knew that it would be fixed. Keep up the great work and it helps to have some feed back from you as well.

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Is there an estimate of when that patch will come out?

They announced that a patch is coming out tomorrow.

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