DLC Aquilonian Armor LOOKS good but no temperature protection?

No heat or cold protection? Where’s it gonna be useful? The last DLC pack armor was useful for being cold resistant armor of varying stats, you can find a niche for it, but in this case, you’re limited to only using it in temperate areas that are neither too hot nor too cold and then statistically you’re going to probably find better use out of another set. It’s a shame, it looks great and I’d love to wear it but I just don’t see it fitting into builds with the current stats and no temperature protection one way or the other.

Really… Grit Heavy Armor… for… that one person who goes full agility to be able to dodge in heavy armor?

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wouldn’t it be better to give thralls accuracy armor for archers (eg Raider’s) and strength or vit for fighters?

Did you check stats page? The light aquilonian gives frost resist.
I think should be heat resist.

On some chars the Medium leggings are supper glitchy, they streatch down to the feat and are all over the place when moving.

The medium one gives vitality but at the moment they give nothing because they are bugged. Temperature resistance and stats aren’t working.

it should have heat insulation as its building does, and + stats bonus does not working at all. This is the cosmetic DLC with extra bucks and funcom still makes bugs with even these paid cosmetic stuffs.

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I crafted it, it gives no elemental protection. I’m not talking about the default game aquilonian armor, but the new DLC. The light armor gives agility, the medium vitality, and the heavy grit. Only semi usable set is the medium imo, but only in temperate areas, no hot areas or cold areas and certainly not the volcano. So yeah… you can look like a spartan in noob river or in the middle forest areas. but that’s about it.

Also the stats are broken. It says extra grit or agility, but they are not showing up

Wow more bugs with a new patch? Crazy

Yeah I noticed that. Hopefully when they fix they’ll adjust some stat bonuses to make them useful and work and give them temperature protection, I’d say protection against heat since that allows for use in more areas of the game.

Something like
Light Armor: Accuracy (comparable to Shemite Armor already in game just with a different look)
Medium Armor: Vit is good so that can be left, although it has no in game comparable except the cold resist cimmerian clan.
Heavy Armor: You can’t dodge roll in heavy so going for a full grit build in heavy is kind of pointless, Vit, Encumbrance or Strength would probably be better, encumbrance and strength have direct comparable in game gear (default heavy and slaver heavy), Vit has a comparable in Cimmerian Warrior but it’s cold resist.

If you want to prioritize not being P2W and cosmetic, Light acc, Med str or enc, Heavy str or enc, if you are okay with making the armor useful in a niche, Light grit, Med vit, Heavy vit, all with heat resist.

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