New DLC heavy armor is bugged

The black dragon armor, both the legendary version and the normal version don’t give any temperature resistance for me. They also say that they give + grit, however this doesn’t reflect in my stats like other armors do.

It appears at the moment they don’t give you anything but the armor.

Please have a look at this and fix asap.

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and also you can’t still make epic flawless khitan shield, which is bugged as well.

as always, funcom just eats money

I don’t really mind, I like the look of the new gear.

They should fix the stats however because at the moment the people who bought it are heavily gimped, aka we get absolutely nothing out of the new gear.

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FUNCOM learns nothing :sunglasses:

It’s unbelievable and speaks volumes about their focus on us, their customers, and the quality of the product they want us to buy. An amazing game in its design, gorgeous and fun to play. So much passion, effort and technical skill to make an amazing game.

Yet their internal focus and process is so poor they can’t even get a person to update a database accurately for the new, gorgeous 3D models their art/3D department have lovingly crafted. That’s all that’s required: update stats. You can do it yourself using the dev kit. Get a list of all the new items, add new entries, type in stats. Check that thralls are added to the game for the new weapons and armour.

It’s easily achieved. They have an internal test environment and a public player accessed Testlive. And they can’t get a minor cosmetic content release correct.

It speaks volumes about this company and their loss of focus on how to sustain interest in their game while growing the player base. They seem like nice people in the videos. I’m just shocked that Joel and Oscar have so little professional pride in the final outcome presented to people interested in buying their work that as senior figures, they allow this to continue.

It’s not about pointing fingers of blame. It’s about examining the processes in place and digging into them to discover why this is happening. Then putting in place the countermeasures needed to achieve better outcomes. Checklists, clear communication, better procedures, checking, weekly reviews, and so on.

But the start has to be: the will to do it.

I’m sure it will be hot fixed today. It should be, at least.

Thanks for the reports on the DLC issues.
Noted down!

To be honest. I think its a bit harder than it seems for them to double check the stats and material costs. I say this as someone who’s has used the devkit and noticed that DLC’s and Promotional items cannot be viewed or manipulated in any form.

This means this content is hidden in some fashion and I believe that is causing issues whenever they push updates on it. Its not buggy. There’s still SOMEONE who puts in the wrong data or fatfingers some values. So I’m not letting them off the hook at all. But I can understand what’s going on.

Its not in the regular item tables and likely one dude that’s making the entries. What they need to do is keep a print out of all the values that should be entered in and follow that. And I mean print out a piece of paper and stick it to the side for later transcriptions of future DLC.

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