Epic Khitan heavy repairs WTF?

So I go to repair my set of heavy epic Khitan armor and its asking for a full khitan breastplate to repair it. How did this happen? What happened to repairing with just plain mats? I have to make full sets of heavy to repiar my epic heavy armor? Now we know why you need the enc on the armor since you have carry multiple sets to repair it.

Funcom will win the Darwin award for game development and quality control for sure this year.- hands down.

Seriously this DLC is a total joke.

More Khitan helm to repair Khitan helm - yeah that works as intended.



LOL… that’s funny! That has to be an unintended bug.

There are bugs, my guess is the programming staff is totally overwhelmed to a level they have simply never experienced in 25 years of corporate operation.

Also they money are getting for the smash success of Conan Exiles (more copies sold than in 24 hrs than they expected in the first 24 months), is going towards debt repayment or otherwise is tied up. Perhaps they are hamstrung by overtime laws in Netherlands/Norway?

I dont know but there is a clear issue with resources they can throw out these issues that a mega gaming company like Blizz-Act doesnt worry about. Everyone needs to take a collective deep breath and calm down so we can all continue to actually play the game.

Damn that armor looks good!

Uaually i repair in my armor bench, with a thrall in it so it cost less to repair, but maybe thats just me.

Also in other epic armor you will have to have 1 normal of the same item to craft the epic version, together with the rest materials ofc.

so the DLC has been out for what a week and no one at Funcom figured it the bugs in it before release. Simple crap like repairs? That’s hard to believe. Looks like plain lazy quality control and lets rely on the community to point out stuff we would have caught before releasing.

This game is still EA and its still using players to test their patches and game code. Nothing has changed with release.

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yeah but I am not making full sets to repair the other epic armor so whats your point?

wrong thread sorry

What about repair kits?? I know it’s a band-aid fix, but it could work in the meantime and require less severe mats.

Best solution for me is never to buy anymore dlcs unless the DLC’s are 6 months old and fixed. Players should not be having to do work arounds to stuff they release.

Still my question is …was this intended or not? If not, how was this not caught given cold hard cash was in the equation?

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This is a known issue and is already fixed on Testlive. ( I always wanted to say that. :slightly_smiling_face:)


Lol. there you go.

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