Epic Khitan armor pieces require normal pieces as repair components

So I just tried to repair my epic Khitan Captain’s set. I expected it to use hardened leather, similar to other armor sets, but apparently every epic piece requires a normal one as a repair ingredient. I couldn’t repair it unless I crafted a whole new normal armor set.

This can’t be intended, and if it is, why? On top of other balance issues it makes it even more obnoxious to try and use these items.

Game version: #102194/18471

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put a piece of damaged epic Khitan Captain’s armor in the Improved Armorer’s Bench
  2. Hit "Repair’

I agree, i’m also surprised to see that.
On the other hand, people cried out so laudly that the dlc, and the armors was OP that maybe this is thaught as balance. I don’t know.

By the way, compared the stats of the armors, they’re exactly same stats than other in-game armors. Exemple the heavy kithai-amor is equivalent to the cimmerian heavy armor. Same stats.

Poor elephants.

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This is so bizarre. Whatever structure they have in their development team, it just isn’t producing good results.


Well, its something different but i dont see any problems with that.
Yes for other Armor u will need raw materials but for complex khitan clothes or armors, it looks “realistic” that you have to craft a new variant to repair the old. I like it.

You dont even need Epic Armor to repair Epic Armor, the default one and lot of leather is enough <3

I’m sorry but your logic fails. If I would have my leather jacket repaired the shopper won’t ask me for another jacket of less quality.

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Noted down, I have to admit I am not sure if this is a bug or intended :slight_smile:

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Right now i use repair kits, makes no difference and its cheap :slight_smile: