Was there a reason that the Khitan armor had to have cold bonus nerfed

What was the reason you had to nerf the Khitan armor cold bonus there Funcom Devs?

I’d like to know why this decision was made since taking its high cold bonus and splitting it between cold and hot is was not an improvement in game play. Giving it to armors that historically in this game did not have it was pretty dumb as well.

Seriously if it aint broke don’t be messing with it. What was so broke about the Khitan cold armor insulation at 2 a piece you had to break it?

Keep messing with paid for DLC items like that and I will not trust or buy any dlc from you again. I stopped buying before siptah and will continue to do so since I can’t trust you not to nerf paid for content.

Don’t give me it was a balance issues that dog don’t run or hunt anymore.

Reasons for your challenged logic model please?

Which ones? (console user, so behind several patches)

Few of armors of dlc 100% need to be swapped cause they made no sense.

But Khitan has always been my go to (along with many others) for cold resist at start of game. So it be weird if they did mess with it.

Or just more proof they love to take shotgun pointblank to stuff and break it.

Khitan was my go to as well ( Heavy Encumbrance set ) Well to follow Funcom logic i’m now using light leather armor ( normally to protect against heat ) to now frolic in frozen areas with no issues.

Looking for Quality Assurance from this developer? Nothing to see here move along.

Funcom doing QA no way every happen lol !!!

When you pay for it, you should get it without change.

Take your auto to the garage for an oil change, and they tear out your 8 cylinder and replace it with a 4 cylinder.


Agreed… since making armors is a huge grind at least our payed dlc armors should stay useable. Who’s gonna grind around 250 hardened leather for armor which you can’t even use in certain areas.

Additionally the paddings been removed from dismantling armor bits, that was a really nice feature. I liked it to go out and FIGHT for my armor, way more than being stuck in vulcano and dregs to farm more gold or ichor.

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