I understand you dont understand

I get how you guys have no idea how to balance your game weapon and armors. i get it. What i dont get is why you dont listen to those that KNOW how to PvPvE, and listen to them about balances.

Weapons DONT need damage nerfs, and when they do, it is VERY rare.
example: Yog isnt broken, it is the ANIMATION that is broken, it is THE stamina usage that is BROKEN, being able to heavy with a 1hand axe 30times in a row is BROKEN, because it take no stamina to use. Being able to CANCEL your animation WHILE leaping in the air is BROKEN.
Each and every armor and weapon, have these types of problems. but you dont get that, you just nerf it to the ground so no one uses the item again, making all items worthless. Why not nerf all items to 1 damage? you know what would happen? THE SAME F’KIING thing that is now happening. because like minimum wage, adjusting the numbers DOESNT fix the problem.

anyways, good job for the new patch, always fun to see how the game can become better or worse.


just boils down to bad management

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Let me continue so you all understand.

This new patch, WITH the nerf on the Yog. made 1hand axes 10x stronger. All axes, Yog just is the strongest. Now unless youre a PvPer you may not understand this. allow me to educate you.

Fighting a 1axe spammer, their whole life is heavy leap, heavy leap, heavy leap, until they land a hit then spam heavy, heavy, heavy, Why? simple hyper armor lets them do damage, which in turn means if you are hitting them they are now TRADING damage, and because of the great damage the axe(s) offers, they win this trade. making you die. But anyone that is skilled at PvP, will move around, and dodge, and ROLL, so they can get inside the attack and out.
While, Roll may have got a wonderful buff of increase iframe time. but this means nothing. While it takes 1/30 of stamina to use a Heavy leap, it takes 1/4-6th of your stamina to roll. Are you seeing the math yet?
Simple really. If axe spam man can leap on you 30 times and you can only roll 3-6times. 30>6 .
I know, i know so odd right?
Now this comes from a PvPer that DOESNT USE the axe, and i can kill axe spammers. yes i know. oh my. You now made my 80-100% win rate to 8-10%.
God forbid if they use Throwing weapons. Which now increases their chance of winning by 2x, And for those that use scripts and macros. Fk i no longer have any chance now.

But thats okay, You removed the movement penalty. because that makes life so much easier. no more momentum delay! woots, woots. what a joke.


Didn’t they implement the use of stamina on the start of animation now?


very good post about pvp mechanic actually. hope they will read you and understand and test

Holy shud, well said

Yes you can even throw them out in betweeen attacks without slowing down your leap attacks. Macros make this even easier.

Doesnt change anything. it may have made it harder to bug the game. but when it comes to game play, it does nothing.

Now to be fair, the new stamina change, It is good, this is a good patch, and change, made it where you shouldnt ever stam out again. unless you really are spamming hard. and even if you do stam out, you dont have to wait for a full bar to react. which is a good and bad thing. just depends on when it happens and to whom.

Having the stam work as it does, does give you more rolls. but it doesnt change the problems that are. just gives you more wiggle room.

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