Yog's Touch is still too broken

Yogs touch compared to other ax’s still has too much armor pen, plus the corruption, there is no point to another ax or weapon in pvp if you have one, combat on offical server 3514 is getting quite dull

Corruption is minus also this axe is not that powerfull

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Learn to play… Like srsly.
Could all you whiny guys just stop destroying weapons after weapons after each patch and adept to the new metas??

Or just stop playing PvP, because now it gets tedious patch after patch… Because for how long is that weapon in the game and you had no problem with it??


you just goy destroyed by a yogs touch and you are already here complaining. Same thing happened with all the weapons in that dungeon. Get the same weapon and learn to fight and you will kick @ss too

I have an advice for you, if you die a lot, train with some of your friends, you need to learn the movements from every weapon, keep an eye on your stamina and most important on your enemies. Try to attack and predict your opponents movement and move towards him with every movement, if you predict right, most likely he will stam out and thats your chance.
Usally doing the whole combo is not a good idea neither. Depends.


No just, that’s an old weapon, every weapon should be on the same playing field, stop complaining that some players don’t care for easy cheats, I use it, I would just like more diversity in pvp

Corrupted axe is a same i think. there is many good axes and i dont think they are op. try pve server?


No im loyal to my server, and you with moderate is over 50% its the highest and makes battle too easy, give it a shot

Its not about easy cheats… But how many threads you see from other PvP players about this axe?

Oh, yeah, right. ZERO.

And I dont even use that weapon… I am just annoyed about you whiny PvP players, who cannot play and cry for nerfs overall.

Also that you care so much about AP… Do you run around in heavy armor in PvP? :smiley:


You can balance this as much you want
But in the end there will alway be one overpowered


Bingo!! There is always one weapon or a set of weapons, which are better than others…

Thats also the reason, this axe was no problem the other 2 patches, because there was Annihilator or Worldbreaker :wink:

Will be funny, when the whiners start to cry about UC-weapons…


Hammer does do well, it’s just mac strength plus yog. Can kill 1000 armor max vitality in 2 combos sometimes less

If it can’t one or two shot you, it is not OP. There were instances where certain weapons on thralls especially were op because you got 1 or 2 shot killed. That felt random. but if someone is hitting you multiple times with a weapon that applies debuffs, then don’t get hit. The game is set up for defensive play in combat. You can almost always just jog (not sprint) around and not get hit. If you expect to tank in heavy, and out button mash, you will get owned by any decent fighter. The drunkards blade is just as good, because with 3 or 4 hits, if they aren’t packing potions, they get drunk and lose all stamina. Forgot which hammer, but hit someone enough with it, they lose stamina, etc. Just learn a weapon, understand your weaknesses, and enjoy the melee. IF you are getting killed after 15-20 minutes of fighting, then that is just part of the game. Again, 1 or 2 shot weapons are OP. Weapons that attack faster than sprint OP. Weapons that have fastest and farthest reach OP. Those have all been addressed. I now see multiple weapons out on the battle field. Some Meta, but with some skill, hammers, daggers, and even bows are now useful.


that is why in combat i keep a wheel slot open. the axe they hit me with automatically goes in there. nothing like a catch and return lol.

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If your not spaced into vitality it’s a 2-3 hit finish

If you are going to be pvping, being prepared is part of it. There is a difference between biegn ganked while farming, and actually engaging in fights.
Even as a farmer, i run 3+ vit. On PVP, i rarely go full enc during raid time. I utilize pets (elephants) to store if i do farm.

Otherwise, 1 run 4 vit, 4 str all the time. Again, use the fish and with certain DLC armor combos, you can get a decent build for fighting.
I run

Use all the fish, plus 1 enc potion (45 min lasts). Not super expensive, and can reset after death with stored stacks.
Pride of Aeris gauntlets (Special Mounds Recipe), Bear Shaman chest (DLC) + 4 str
Aqualonian boots (DLC),aqualonian pants (DLC). + 4 vit
sandstorm mask for poison gas.
You run perk wise

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Yall miss understand, I’m using this weapon, and it makes it to easy to cheese though battle

Better find myself an replacement allready. Thx for the nerf whine btw.

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When I put all axes side to side its armor been seems quite high, this may be intentional, if sp then I’ll keep using it, but I started this thread incase it eas a simple mistake that was overseen, just like annihilator and world breaker

No, we (PVP) don’t want gods right now because it was possible to exploit the decay timer, hide them on map in certain ways to avoid detection before being summonend, and oh yeah, dupe 100’s of them very quickly.

Good point I’ll be more minded to the title in the future, it won’t let me delete this thread now

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