Did they nerf yogs touch?

So i dont remember seeing anything in the patch notes during the update. But i feel as though they nerfed the range on yogs touch. I just restarted on another server and i use yogs untill i get my pvp setup. The other axes i use work as im use to but i feel as though yogs touch i have to get closer to use.

No. It’s still as stupid high damage and same range as before.

I already told Funcom about Yog’s Touch. 52% armor pen on a high damage weapon means you can kill someone with 40 Vitality and 1000 armor with only 4 hits.

Possible rebalance options would be to bring the armor pen on par with Reaver’s Axe (15%) or make it cost 160 stamina with a full combo.

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Good man!!! Why dont we just make all the weapons equal then?

Some weapons have to be better than others, can we stop ruin PvP even more, people already did it with horses and the ■■■■■■ roll.

The new roll is good. But yes horses is not good how they are right now for the PVP. But weapons like yogstouch are kinda over damaged no skill required and do that much damage.

Horse are broken PVP wise, asa far as trying to balance all weapons, i think that will never happen. What they need to do is look at the stamina usage based on miss/connect on attacks. I feel if you miss, there should be some punishment stamina wise. IF you miss, there should be a 10-15 stamina penalty added to used stamina on attack. Would add more skill, even for OP weapons. As attacking has no negative outside of trade off damage, and thus certain weapons differences are “accentuated” even more to make them a must when fighting. Add in some draw back for missing, then skilled fighters could counter even something like a yogs touch without HAVING to run that build.
You could change up the Grit 4 perk with something that negates the extra stamina usage on misses.

I mean, u still lose stamina if you miss, so there is already a penalty in way. I dont really think that a miss should make u lose more stamina then you do today. For teams with not as many players that would be a problem, and since they already have problems competing with clans with more players I dont think that’s a good idea.

But I really want to see something to happen with the usage of the stamina on horse. Horse regenerating stamina while swimming is just dumb, also that u dont lose stamina while hitting, and one of the most annoying things is 1.5 more damage, and bleed from spear every attack. It’s almost like 4th hit glitch back in the days but you move a lot faster. 4th hit glitch people had a lot of problems with, even u could remove it from the player using it. While u cant remove “4th hit” on horses. It’s like GG FC ty for bringing 4th hit glitch back, but in a stronger way. LOL

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You lose the same as when you connect. So it is not a penalty of any sort. It is a constant, and knowing that means the only gamble is damage or no damage. The fact i use as much, or possibly more stamina to dodge means that attackers with a meta weapon have no worries against players who have not been able to farm it yet. ME dodging should gain some small reward, and that should be less stamina used if you miss.

Yes u lose the same. But you still lose health because u diddnt hit the opponent wich gives the opponent an advantage. And what will make the difference? I rather see less skillful weapons like axe and hammer weapons drain more stamina each attack hit or no hit dosnt matter. Because now, u have spear, like the lowest damaged weapon kinda in the game, and also u need the most skill to use it. Then u have 1h sword, u need skill to use it, but not the same as spear. Then you have axe that all new players use, and actually have a decent chance against a really good player to actually do some damage against. Wich is stupid.

I really miss some of the fights u could have in the game before. Really happy there is some good private servers that tries to make the game playable again.

Nice, skill level wise, I see the same. Spear > 1h sword > 2h hammer > 1h axe.

The axe is basically only right click and if you want to be more advanced, with some animation canceling. But after all the easiest weapon to master in the game. And therefore there shouldn’t be a version with the most damage and armor pen.

Yes. I think you are one of very fiew in this forums that have kinda the same view as me.

The thing they could do if they wanna make it less powerful but still keep the high damage is remove hyper armor during the spin.

They removed hyper armor from spear, it is there but since they make the speed slower it feels like u get cancelled a lot. I think what they could do with spear is give it more armor pen so it actually does some damage to heavy armor and also hyper armor or make it tiny bit faster again.

Make axe less powerful with removing some of the hyper armor so you can cancell the spin easier, maybe also decrease dmg a little bit.

Hammer, I think is fine how it is, just that the hitbox of it is little bit off so guess that can be looked into.

2 handed sword, make the combo tiny bit faster like it was before and also increase damage a bit.

1h sword, (black ice) maybe reduce damage a bit.

1h mace, I guess make a new animation for it since it’s kinda “meh”.

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No, iif i miss, it doesn’t guarantee i lose health. they have to strike me to make me lose health.

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