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Welcome to Conan Exiles the home of broken hopes and dreams when it comes to weapon farming. May you please explain to me why a axe from a dungeon (yogs touch) starts off with 54 damage and 40 armor pen and has a 1/6 chance to spawn (garunteed weapon drop chance) from one boss that pretty much 3-4 taps you even without a kit on it while wearing heavy armor and 4-5 vitality with the build. But lets talk about a sword that is supposed to be so rare and so strong but ment for thralls only has 1-2% chance to spawn the sword of crom correct but not a (garunteed weapon/armor drop) from bosses does less damage swings slower on thralls doesn’t have alot of hyper armor but still loses to the yogs touch on thralls. Bows… bows… and bows… fix the damage please or change the old perk to only work on bows slow down spam but make damage higher. for pvp reasons

lets be honest tho for a weapon to do more then a actual legendary of a weapon to a single axe that even mor humans can use and swing all day and jump constantly and litterly slap a kit on it and dont have to really worry about dying as much makes no since im sorry

I’ve already reported Yog’s Touch imbalance to Funcom.

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Sorry. But bows damage is good now. If you dont think so, u use it in the wrong way. It should not 3 hit people, when no other weapon does it exept for the broken yog touch.

but to have a bow build do a three tap means u gotta grind sacred blood to get the hunters potion u gotta grind a reach of the red mother a rare drop as if and u also have to grind for the perfect armor and the perfect arrows as it is and u also have to take inconsideration that a bow isnt 100% accurate at long to med distance so please tell me this
they nerf the quivering arrow they make it to where the hollowbone arrows are king they are 5% chance to spawn on grey birds then u also have to make sure your wearing the right kit and everything your putting on you
risking a reach is hard enough

Ehm, only thing u need is firespark and some kind of dmg arrow, could be startmetal for example.

And no, you dont need red mother to actually be able to do anything.

Bows works perfectly now, they are a perfect support weapon. Not the OP old crap that killed people in 3 shots kinda.

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