Just a mind : weapons?

Hay barbarians :slightly_smiling_face:
What you think about a bench of new weapons ?
Like more types of balanced claws , 2h axe or katanas ?
I mean at the moment 80% use yogs touch , claws , and a bow …
Would be cool to make the jungle of weapons more colourful:)
Ps: since I play Conan exciles I never saw a better balance between all the weapons as now :)!

I would like to see a rebalance between all the weapons. U have 1 h axe that compared to other weapons have much more dmg. And than u have spear that have alot less damage than others.

I dont say they should nerf 1h axe, rather the opposite, buff weapons so they become similar to 1h axe instead. Put hyper armor on all weapons heavy attacks aswell, cuz now with spear for example u need extremly luck to get a through a full combo cuz u get interupted so easy. While u with axe almost cant get interupted.

Somehow they need to fix that first before they throwing in more weapons, but I would like to see that new weapons come after they fixed it.

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in general weapons need no fixing (some minor balance maybe) and there is always trade-of, axes have top damage? yep they also have no AP so they rock against un/light armored targets but are crap against heavies
trouble fighting some combos? learn and adapt, one strategy is bound to fail

only katanas really suck and are in need of some animation adjustments

We have a player that always fight with the katana , if you train it a bit … your gonna be a killer - they are perfect atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Have u ever been hitted by a yog axe or lemurian? Compare those 2 axes damage to any other weapon.

Same with spear, it’s totally useless rn. Deals almost no damage at all, and u can’t do a full combo if u PvP against a decent pvper.

Weapons that are fine right now is, 1h axe and 1 handed sword, rest is kinda “meh”.

those actually have AP, I’m aware of recent “meta”, it comes and goes

With a good movement you counter 1h axe easy … make the light -light - Heavy hit by katana and I promise you your enemy will die instand …
about the spear i don’t know we almost never use it …!
Also the 2h Hammer is quite effective against the axe .
And yes I play Conan since release and I give my best for 5 kills a da :wink:

2h hammer could work in some situations. But since the speed nerf and interupt ability 2h hammer is pretty much useless in most situations anyway.

U can probably go in and hit a 1h axe player with the hammer once or twice, but not do serious damage.
While u are in the spin with axe u pretty much need to wait for it to finnish, problem is just that u can do the same and start spin again pretty soon after. But as I said, I like how much dmg 1h axe is doing, I just think the other weapons except for just 1h axe and 1h sword is way to small damaged compared.

Curious how you bring up the one-handed sword. As far as I’ve seen, it has never been an exceedingly popular weapon of choice. Me, I agree with you that it’s fine, but then again, I think most weapons are okay. Not everyone is the “meta” in PvP, but all of them have their uses somewhere in the game, against some types of enemies.

  • Spears are good against dogs and cats and things that crawl.
  • Daggers are good against big, fat, slow monsters and animals, such as mammoths and dragons.
  • One-handed axes and swords are good multipurpose weapons you can use if not sure what you’re up against.
  • Bows are good for softening up anything, but won’t win you many fights all by themselves.
  • Two-handed swords are good against multiple humanoid opponents (not quite as good as I think they should be, but still okay).
  • Hammers are… well, good for applying Sunder to a boss my thrall is killing. And maybe skeletons. I don’t use hammers very often because I find the weapon concept stupid.
  • Maces I haven’t tried in a very long time, but their short reach and strange attack patterns made it seem like something that was more at home on a ballet stage than a battlefield.
  • I have little experience with two-handed axes, shortswords and katanas, but none of them felt particularly impressive. I readily admit that may be simply because I never learned how to use them properly.

I just can talk for the PVP part …
actually my tribe and me are able to be effective with Every Kind against every kind of weapons ( okay not with 2h axes )
Maybe you should make some training against your own clanmates…
also was the Basic of this topic to talk about new weapons just to make it a little bit more „colourful „
And yes yogs touch is the one and only „little overpowered „ weapon …
but you can simple counter it with :

  • a bow
  • 2 h Hammers ( your movement is really important !)
    Or simply with another 1h sword or axe included a shield )
    If you need some Inspiration search on YouTube for damokles it’s one of my clanmembers who post some videos :slight_smile:

Ehm okey, interesting or something. Pve stuff I can do with all weapons, or if I dont wanna do anything I just bring a thrall. But i was talking in aspect of PVP and for PVP spear is totally useless, and reason why it is useless I already been typing earlier in this discussion.

It is not totally useless. It is good to stun lock opponent with the quick pokes, especially if you need to heal yourself while staying engaged.

And like I said, not every weapon needs to be effective in every situation. Some weapons are better in PvP, some weapons are better in PvE - and you know what? That’s entirely okay.

and the Basic reason why I open this topic was simply the idea to include more different weapons for the „endgame“
Not about the balance …
Mit about the most effective way how ton use them …
I was just thinking about a another skin or effects … to make the small „jungle „ of weapons for the endgame more colourful:)

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