Giving a bow build a buff

You know most of us PVP players like myself included love a bow build the way of bows are now in the game is absolutely useless I’m completely unfair against people who have a range playing style I’m sorry that is just wrong this game is supposed to be freedom to play how you want but they made sure to destroy any successful bow build because of whiny people who don’t know how to fight against range players I’m sorry that is wrong you need to re fix and rework the bow to where it is balanced I’m sorry but when you have these people pouring every single ounce into Grit and vitality and survivability I’m sorry you just completely offset the game because there’s no possible way to kill them I shot someone with an exploding arrow and it only took not even a fraction of his health I’m sorry that is pathetic this game is supposed to accommodate all playing Styles including range that is why they have a bow in the game so either Nerf everything else and make everything right or give the Bow a major buff to where people who play as ranged Fighters won’t get spammed and killed because they’re doing no damage by somebody with 50 in Vitality grit and survivability carrying a poison Lance which is stupidly overpowered full I’m sorry it’s wrong and the poison damage of my bow doesn’t even do nothing so yeah you need to increase the poison damage and increase the overall damage completely you have weapons out there that does 90 but a bow does 30 I’m sorry that is absolutely useless when you going to get somebody who is wearing heavy armor with 50 points and vitality survivability and Grit I have two people on one of my official servers quit because there is no ranged build and no way to defend against these people who put 50 points in vitality and Grit and survivability running around with a poison infused Lance doing 90 damage per strike while the only gets a pathetic 30 yeah you seriously need to Nerf them or give the bow a buff

I think a potentially easy and useful buff would be giving the bows the back hand spring that daggers have. One thing that keeps me from doing a bow build in pvp is the lack of mobility. Not only is it impossible to create enough distance with roll dodge if youre wearing anything other than light armor, but if you walk backwards with it equipped its almost as slow as walking over-encumbered. It seems archery in many games (that i have played) use mobility to help the player maintain proper distance and put out dps. This is not possible in a pvp setting in conan. Adding the back handspring or speeding up when archers walk backwards would help increase the dps for archers without directly tampering with the damage numbers

You know it’s sad this game lacks player versatility if you’re not wanting to be a melee person, then you might as well not play this game because there is no successful are dedicated bow build , no range play option whatsoever and the bows they do have are so weak it is absolutely horrible the strongest bow in the game like I said was the role of the red mother oh my God at a surprising 30 damage oh my God that’s a lot compared to say I don’t know the lying bastard sword which is like 69 and 70 and it hits repeatedly super fast but yet the bow is super slow and I’m sorry you have venom infused Lance’s you have venom infused daggers that you get from the archive but where is your Venom infused boat oh that’s right you don’t have none and there ain’t even a magic range class so anybody who prefers to play ranged jobs might as well not even buy this game because there is no playing options for range players meaning if you don’t play a tank melee base you’re wasting your time because you will never be successful in the game and that’s why so many people have left this game already and the game developers are too lazy to do anything about it they prefer keeping it to where they prefer melee so everybody else needs to prefer melee

You cannot make bows competitive without breaking the game, given that the distance alone means there’s much less risk involved for archers. Consequently, archery should only ever be a support option. Either for friends in melee, or for your own melee skills, which you would switch to when the enemy gets close to you. Or alternately, use ranged as a finisher after defeating an enemy in melee who tries to run away.

There are plenty of range options, including venom options, but playing only as a ranged character was never intended to be viable. Why would anyone ever pick melee if you could be just as deadly from the relative safety of range?

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