Aloe potion healing is bad for the game

As the title suggests aloe potion is bad for the game for multiple reasons.

Incredibly spammable with almost zero penalty for doing so and also heals through damage you take. The game play this promotes is a continuous item activation during any activity, in most cases allowing you to heal through many encounters without repercussion. On top of that the potions heal incredibly fast and a lot of hp they also cleanse bleeds. With the rate they heal, how much they heal and cleansing bleeds this ends up trivializing health as a resource and invalidated several of the other healing options in the game such as wraps which should be the only way to cleanse bleeds and even to an extent Set Antidote because instead of needing to pop an antidote you can just pop a aloe pot and heal through poison damage.

I suggest nerfing aloe potions speed in which it heals you and also the amount it heals you while also removing it’s ability to cleanse bleeds so it does not invalidate numbing wraps and the like.

I also think it would be wise to buff food healing to make it a more crucial part of combat. Making some of the best foods good healing would promote people to farm more for the ingredients (hops, spices, meats ect) Food healing buff is removed on damage taken so you cannot heal through damage, it does not cleanse any effects such as bleeds or poisons and it would yield more life into the overall cooking experience in Conan Exiles.


I agree with pretty everything much you said. Theres really no risk involved with combat anymore. In trouble? pop a potion that heals you for full hp in 1.5 seconds. Damage not stopping the healing is also a huge problem for the PvP aspect of the game. Which seems to be an incredibly overlooked part of the game lately.

Yeah, it went from one extreme to the other. I think it could be balanced somewhere in between.

It went from carrying stacks of 10 and being able to drink one every 5 seconds or so(can’t remember the actual time) to carrying stacks of 25 and being able to drink them in like 2 seconds so you can just spam them.


Agreed. I play only PVE but even here it does seem to powerfull. (Another topic, but i would extend it to thrall healing. With good armor they seem unkillable by npc)

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Especially powerful in PvE from what I’ve played recently. Drinking a potion then just healing through any damage a boss does to you is pretty strange.

Hopefully the devs realise this and nerf potions and buff food since food healing gets stopped as soon as you take damage.


Yeah, it’s pretty crazy how different the two patches are in regards to aloe potions.

I think Foggy nails it pretty will with nerfing aloe potions and buffing food heals since food healing gets interrupted by damage and would make bandages useful again since they’d be needed to remove bleeding effects. Adds some excitement into the game


I kinda like the Aloe Extract game now…

I cannot believe how many times it’s allowed me to survive a fight I normally wouldn’t be able to. It makes the game less frustrating for me to play, which improves my enjoyment of Conan Exiles and estimation of the overall systems in place for healing.

To wit, as I’m still level 40-something, I don’t even use the high level aloe extracts… and my vit isn’t high enough to warrant using higher level ones yet, so I can chug and go. :smiley:

EDIT: playing on Siptah, friend’s unmodded server. :slight_smile:


Healing potions are in a very good place. The PvP community complained about the potion animation being too long and cumbersome and therefor claimed it ruined combat. So Funcom shaved a few tenths of a second off its animation and now you’re claiming the opposite, again in the name of ruined combat.

I don’t rightfully know if potions heal bleeds or not, but if they don’t, I think they should. Bandages shouldn’t be the only way to heal bleeds. But that’s just my opinion, and I don’t speak for an entire community.

I definitely don’t think food needs to become a part of combat again. It seems like only six months ago that Funcom reworked the entire healing system and took food out of combat. You’re proposing now that they undo all their changes and reset it all back to the way it was?

Again, I think healing in general is in a good place right now. Although I am very sad to see ambrosia gone. I will adapt and move on, as I suggest others should do regarding the current healing system.


I am proposing exactly that. Aloe potion healing invalidates other healing items by being extremely powerful. Full health in 1.5 seconds, healing starts in .8 seconds. Very rarely are you gonna get the animation cancelled because it’s so fast.

Food healing may be instant but as soon as you take any form of damage it stops. Which would require people to use more items to heal themselves and you’d actually need to think tactically to use them.

Got a bleed on you? Well you better pop bandage to get the bleed off. Currently right now bandages wouldn’t be ideal for that since it’s a long animation but could simply cut it down to an instant animation that cripples you on use for short time. With that the bleed is off and you’re safe to use food to heal. Cripple from bandage would allow players to catch up and most likely damage player again and stop their healing.

It just sounds like such better game play. I’m honestly shocked funcom didn’t think of this when they did this apparent healing rework you’re talking about.

Aloe heals 50%, durring a fight, (about 300HP) Wrap heals 300 over 10sec, and stutter 200 over 5sec. which is suppose to be out of combat, but i can use a wrap during a fight, for how easy it is to use. and roll.

50% health easy to get off for a 2.5sec animation and .5 afterward. total of 3seconds. which would work, if you could cancel their healing if they are HIT during the regen.
They only adjusted the potion because of the community bishing about healing being TO HARD. lmao

As for food healing, perma healing effect. “insert profanity here” you. that shyt was garbage and made no sense. Stop relying on healing and get good at the combat.


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this thread is golden.

I think this was the point when they made potions the only way to heal in combat.

I’ve said it before, but here’s how combat works as intended: You have to make a decision at every moment in combat. You can attack, you can block, you can heal, you can dodge, or you can move (sprinting is sometimes better than dodge roll).

The way it worked before is you could heal and do other things, you could heal and heal together by stacking.

But that’s not how it works now. Now you have to choose one or another. Food is for hunger, water for thirst, potions for in combat healing, and bandages for out of combat healing. This is the way forward.


No, leave it alone. Funcom has systematically nerfed into oblivion everything that came before potions. This works half way, so let it be.

In PvE no one is forcing you to use them, and in PvP they’re available to both. Regardless, if you aren’t prepared for the fight it may cost you.

Also, I don’t know what builds and play styles you guys run but I have never fought a boss or been swarmed by enemies and felt spamming potions was a good idea. You’re going to run out eventually


Being able to heal in mid-fight in video games is dumb anyway, I don’t know why it became such a normal thing. Fighting would be more intense and more fun without it.

I mean if people really want fights to go for longer, just make weapons do less damage or increase health bars.

One of the major issues I have with the new healing system is that you can’t move bandages and potions while climbing, swimming or riding. What’s up with that? I accept the fact that I can’t use these items while doing these activities, but why am I not allowed to organize my actionbar?

To be honest I liked the old healing system better, but even though I’m a PvE player, I know that something had to change for PvP players in relation to the healing system. In my mind the problem here is not so much the healing system, but rather combat in general.

I’m talking now from a PvE perspective: When I go to the Unnamed City to get fragments I minimize the game and surf the web while my thrall fights the boss. I mean: I could intervene, but why would I? If I hit the boss once it immediately turns around and starts chasing me. I usually have 30 points in vitality, which means I can’t take too many hits. So it results in me running circles, waiting for my thrall to catch up. Case in point: My character feels incredibly frail and its keeping me from getting involved in the fight, while bosses have HUGE amounts of hitpoints and thralls can handle HUGE amounts of damage.

I think the problem here is neither thralls nor the healing system. The problem is that players don’t have enough hitpoints and that the AI is still too slow and too stupid for fights to be interesting and challenging. With two maps and server transfers on the way, I think Funcom has got a lot of breathing room to tackle these problems. I think they need to take the time to sit down and do some serious math. If they can crack this nut and make combat more engaging for players I think that it would make a world of difference.

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I strongly disagree with everything you’ve said. This game has creatures that you can’t interrupt their attacks, dodging takes a lot of energy, and the combat system is has you at a disadvantage. But with thralls and healing potions it equals out the playing field. If you wish for such a difficult game to fulfill your pain / stress enjoyment tendencies may i suggest dark souls for you or the forest.

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As a PvP-er I would love to see a better balance of ingredients for healing. So many things I never use.

Maybe I should do PvE then? :smiley:

best part about this thread is that it was a troll post.

half of my original post was copy pasted from the dev blog from healing changes from 2.0 it’s just hilarious how well the reasonings for removing food healing works for current aloe pots.

better part is small scale pvp is actually worse than it was with food healing. It’s way harder to finish someone off now than it was when food healing was a thing. 0.8 seconds to stop someone from healing 300 hp in 1.5 seconds. it’s near impossible with the lag of conan servers when servers are capped on players. :man_shrugging:

I would prefer food healing but idc if it comes back or not.

If PvE players find that any of the Aloe Potions are too strong in their effects, which as far as PvE complaints go is extremely rare, then it is as simple as exhibiting some self-restraint and restricting yourself to weaker potions such as Weak Aloe Extract or regular Aloe Extract, or food and wraps.

For PvP players who feel that Aloe Potions are ‘too overpowered’, then I suggest finding or setting up a private server where players are not permitted to use anything stronger than Weak Aloe Extract.

The problem comes when funcom decides to balance things.

Healing potions were impossible to use on pvp.

I think the right/best thing to do was to make it possible to drink while jogging and MAYBE reduce a little the time for the effect beggins (it was 1.7 and it’s now 0.8) so maybe 1.3 were fine.

They went from unusable to OP

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