Herbal tea does nothing

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

When I use herbal tea, it shows the regenerating buff but doesn’t actually provide any healing. I figured it was maybe regenerating stamina instead, but it doesn’t seem like it either. I’m confused on whether this is a bug or that’s intended, but it looks like an oversight to me. Maybe it’s a bug only on the official server i’m playing on, but I tried on solo player and it’s the same.


  1. Craft Herbal Tea
  2. Lose HPs
  3. Drink tea hoping for some sort of healing
  4. Be disappointed
  5. Alt-F4 because you died and you’re bored of the game
  6. Just kidding this game is awesome, just wish it had fewer bugs :slight_smile:

PS: Aloe Soup is useless now as well, providing only a trash Sated buff (something like 3HP/3s)

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The Sated buff is way more complex than this: low tier food and high tier food give you different healing values. Example given, the Handful of Insects gives you 1HP/3s, while a Grilled Steak gives you 3HP/3s and a Feast to Yog gives you 17HP/3s.

Overall they did an amazing job with the new food (that’s how food is supposed to work). I just wish Herbal Tea and Aloe Soup were not broken atm (Aloe Soup is just like a normal Soup now).

And it still has “healing” as a tooltip… :frowning:

Hey @Atmos4

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent note to our team to see if this item requires a revision.

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