Food, lets talk about food

Food could have such a wide range of benefits.

As it stands only a few types of food and drinks are used in game at this time and there is an opportunity to expand the food crafting extensively.

Please expand the food crafting so everyone just doesnt mash herbal tea and aloe soup

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Part issue is, just not knowing what any of them do out right. I use lasting meals myself since not hard to make from my home location.

More foods need matching stats out of anything. And more effects along with labels on said effects.

As much as I love the “what does this do?” fun of survive…by end game, alot of potions, drinks and foods never got made. (which is partly why I stuck to lasting meal, recipe easy to got and make)
Aloe soup is better, by time i get it, or remember get it, I’m nearing point of taking bracelet off.

Wiki doesnt help to much ether which sucks.

I agree.
Recipes have been messed with when full launch came near, so a lot of stuff has been changed.

Other stuff is never being brewed because of eighter not being needed anyway OR because it’s simply too expensive to use on a regular basis.
i.e. there is a cleansing brew which reduces the amount of corruption on the player by a very small amount (if that was pushed eighter to 50% or full, it would become useful), a corrupting brew (idk how much), an encumbrance food (requiring black rhino head - quite the old recipe, I honestly think that should be reworked to use grey rhino heads) and a huge ton of cooling and heating meals+brews. That is all I know about different recipes and brews. Aside of the already talked about high regen foods.

That being said.
There are recipes which need to be fixed too.
Some recipes require a finished meal and the result is being less powerful. I think that is a bad thing.

Agreed. Label stuff please and tell us the benefits not just let us figure them out. The pets are supposed to get a buff from their special diet but there are no labels on those effects either. I want to know the benefits clearly labeled in order to use these items Funcom put a lot of effort into. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:+1: Agreed all around.

Bigger fonts also without using red, I cannot read the small red fonts on a big screen or even the small white fonts sometimes.

I think a properly updated wiki would help with this, since the whole game is about exploring what you don’t know.

I agree many foods I see go unused because I don’t know the purpose however if I had someway of researching what it did then maybe I’d be more inclined to make those recipes more often.

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