Food Needs To Be Updated

Food needs to be updated, Badly!

At the moment, it’s almost pointless to make any sorts of food other than Roasted Haunch or Aloe Soup.

Roasted Haunch is more potent in every aspect than all other forms of food that require it, recovering 4hp/tick for a total of 80, whereas Honey Jerky for example, which is the Exotic meat 3x Honey & 1x salt, is WORSE (3health/tick for 60hp) than just cooking the meat by itself. These kinds of effects are seen across the board with almost all foods, making cooking almost completely pointless.

Can we please see an update for food, such as making all meals (not just simply cooked meats) have a more potent hunger recovery, any meals that use honey add a higher health recovery, maybe have certain foods give a +1~3 stat bonus for 30mins & so on?


I think the intended thing is the decay duration when it comes to jerky and such. But why increase the duration and give less heal/hunger? It should at least be the same stas, except duration.

Roasted Haunch
|Hunger sated|82|
|Health regen|80 hp|
|Expiration|1 hour|

So Trail jerky should give those stats, except have the minus thirst thing (salty!!!) and maybe 2 hour duration.
Honey Jerky should be same stas, but 2 hour duration and no minus thirst.

Just one example of how the tables hould be looked at.


We use only dried meat in the lowlands and spiced haunch in the north lands.
Cant see any reason for anything else, aloe soup for boss fights.

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Healing and survival needs its own separate dedicated attention on a major update.

-Food should have updates for a more tier based system, with roughly the same health per tick but more duration for some foods and unique effects such as existing ones like added encumberance, heightened temperature, more filling percentages, etc.

-Bandages should offer a higher health per tick amount with an animation during the effect for “out of combat” healing with something like 20/40 health per tick for 10 seconds, with a 3 second wind up timer. This would fit bandages more into in between healing.

-Water shouldn’t automatically be cleansed in certain bodies of water. Offer a higher tier of water skin for more water (utility post from before) with upgraded tiers having the ability to cleanse any water stored in it in addition to its bonus effects (corruption removal OT, longer “cooling down” effect, more charges, etc.

-Healing potions continue to heal for a considerable amount and stop upon taking damage.

I think having multiple foods with varying recipes offer the same recovery is fine, that just means its relative to the region you’d find the ingredients more often. It should however compete with aloe soup with maybe harder to obtain ingredients for the soup to be closer to balance as a “high tier” food recipe.

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