Food System Update Suggestion

In the recent Funcom Q&A Twitch/Youtube Presentation, It was mentioned that they were looking at changing or re-hashing how Food works.

So I thought Id have a crack and put forward a possible system that may work.

Basically, The food is first split into three categories: Quick, Simple and Complex.

Quick Foods are your berries, raw meats, anything you can pick up and chow down on.

Simple foods require one stage of processing - Either cooking or Pressing

Complex foods require 2 or more steps or combining two simple ingredients

after the food has been categorised, the Quality of food can be looked at. I would say this should be based off Survival. The higher your survival, the better quality food you can prepare.

Poor - Poor exiles fare - Burnt meat, stale berries - all that sort of description.
Edible - Nothing special here - works as current food does - Quick foods usually start here and only degrade in quality.
Delicious - Provides better bonuses, as described below.
Divine - The gift of the gods! You are a true cook!

What does this mean for the food? What is their point anymore?

I propose food offers a range of small effects over a wide list, not negating potions, and infact, able to be stacked with them, but not with other food.

The effects could be: Hot / Cold Resistance, Poison resistance / Immunity, Weapon type resistance (Blunt, Slash, Pierce), Attack type resistance (Heavy, Light), Movement speed increase, Slight stat increase (For divine quality), Knockout damage increase…

Basically, more utilitarian or defensive focuses than “Just have this food because it is the best and heals the most”

How would this be balanced? Well you can only have one type of Food buff at any one time. And after consuming a meal, a debuff called “Digesting” Would be applied that lasts 1 min, then the effects will occur. This will be to stop and just changing meals on the fly in the middle of combat as it suits you.

As mentioned, I believe a system like this would benefit from utilising the Survival stat tree, with the more points put into the tree, the higher chance a cook will have to get better quality foods. Thus I believe would bring new life to the current food system.

EDIT: The Quality of the food would determine how long the buff would last for - Thou i would leave that up to the people doing balancing to determine what does what!

I would love to see if this would be possible, or if anyone has any suggestions to add to what I have put here, or any feedback for my first contribution to the suggestions channel!

Thankyou for your time to read this, I wish you a really good day! Take care!


Great suggestions - especially the ‘digesting’ part. Try going to gym after big, full meal and see how well you train (let alone the ‘purge party’ you’d have if you played rugby or the like post meal)

I would add to this: if players ate lots of food all the time to buff, etc. have a cumulative effect - character starts getting a little flabby and slower? :slight_smile:

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