Player fast healing without any healing buffs - PC private server

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Private Server
Version: 94750/17645 (can be read from bottom right on main menu, or at the bottom of the ingame menu)
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: none no crash

Soon after trying the dekerto potion we noticed our players would healing as fast as our stamina regenerates. Even long after the potion was gone, we still are healing so fast when in combat. We have logged out and back in but we are like super beings and heal instantly during combat. Please help as this makes the game unbalanced and not as fun. I just want to get back to playing like normal. Not sure if the potion has anything to do with it or the latest patch? I don’t see anyone posting this so maybe it is the potion?

Repro steps:

  1. Drink Derketo potion
  2. combat enemies and take damage
  3. avoid getting hit for about 2 seconds
  4. watch your health return to full

I confirmed, it happen also on our private server.

I experienced the same on PC. Though it had nothing to do with the derketo potion for me. It appeared to be related to staying in proximity to entertainer thralls for a long time. I believe regen is intentional while in proximity and for a short time after. But, we found it did not disappear after a while. Restarting the server fixed it temporarily, but it keeps happening now and again. And no, this is not a result of the vitality perk - passive regen.

I posted about this on the steam forums and received a lot of feedback from other players. It appears to be a bug. Not 100% sure if our experiences are from the same bug or separate issues. But they have the same effect.

I’ve noticed this recently as well. I have not used any potions, just cooked meat items. I do have an entertainer in my base, so it seems likely it is their buff sticking, even though the buff icon does disappear.

It pass me too but i see when i check my atributes i get off these pasive regeneration

You’re right, it does seem related to the entertainer.

Found out how to reproduce this.

  1. stand next to a Tier3/4 Dancer
  2. Wait
  3. Wait more
  4. Done

Every time the entertainer counter gets to 10, it bugs, and resets, and the buff will last till you die stacking indefinitely.
Just wait 10-30 mins near a T3-4 dancer thrall and eventually your health will be regening similar to that of your stamina bar.

I’m not sure if this is a bug. Perhaps it works as intended. In combat, this still does not save, but the rapid restoration of health after the battle is used in all modern games. Otherwise, you will just stand for 5 minutes, devouring food and waiting for health to recover. Although some kind of bonus from the dancers, except for the removal corruption.

Pretty certain it’s not supposed to do that. Especially as now I believe they fixed it xD Buffs are only supposed to last so long and that’s supposed to allow you to heal while around entertainers… not be almost immortal for the whole time you’re logged in xD