Healing update/hotfix

Being evasive yes? Post the video with your friends.

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As i said before, youre more than welcome to duel me. and find your own “proof”.

2.5sec slow walk heal, that is easy to get off in the mid of a fight. that heals you 50% of your health within 3sec, is insane.

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This game is free to play after initial purchase. Official servers are provided free of charge. They continue to update and expand on the base game, free of charge. In short none of us are in a position to make demands of any kind and expect them to provide, but at least this company gives you a place to report issues and make suggestions about the direction you’d like to see the game go… free of charge.

i’d prefer they stopped updating the game LOL. since siptah came out it’s been 1 bad update after another.

free of charge btw

I’m console so there’s only been one update since Siptah for us and IMO it more right than it did wrong. Games like this need to evolve to keep an interested player base hanging around. I’ve got more people on the 2 pve servers and 1 pvp server that I play on than have been there in like12 months. Not everyone will agree of course with all the changes, I’ve left many games myself cause I didn’t like the direction they took so I completely understand your point of view and am not trying to change it. I was merely stating that not many games these days offer the level of online gaming with updates and expansions for nothing.

You claim so much yet you fail to deliver a single video to support your statements. And no, I will not waste my time on a nobody Forum warrior.

I’ve been asking for your name in the pro/hardcore Conan PvP scene and got “who tf is this”.


This is where we differ, im not scared to fight you, even if youre not a factor. But seeing that youre so “PRO” and still cant heal in a fight, i already know who wins.

I think what he means to say is that if you are not part of the pvp community where this healing issues are heavily impacted then dont state your opinion. But its a free world & we need all accept that all opinions are welcome.

The PVP community is heavily under attack. The way to express this is; Healing, Horse, Animation canceling & more has all come like one big shadow upon people in the pvp community almost like from one day to another, it is heavy & lots of us are having clan mates leaving or co-op clan friends and in general friends leaving the game. Some from RL & others we meet ingame it is sad & to express this even more WE from the pvp community wants all the best for the game we want to see Conan rise & shine & become the best survival PVP game out there because it was the best.
with all the changes - The game becomes more & more dull - Because RP, PVE, PVP XBOX, PS & PC doesn’t go well hand in hand. People who like one type of gameplay has to leave every new patch because the game changes direction. Meaning they try to attract new audiance which is not a bad idea but it leaves alot of players out. People who stream on twitch, make yt videos. Every thing to support the game & showcase the fun you can have r leaving the game. imo that is very bad.

TLDR: too many changes stirs the audiance in diffrent directions & makes an evil circle of history that repeats it self. //RP, PVP & PVE - Needs diffrent updates & so does PS, XBOX & PC.

Well, I for one happy that they made some dodge changes. Mounted combat update removing quick dodges annoyed me a lot. Now hopefully medium armor will be nice for me in PVE.

Only the ones who want a lopsided match or can’t the game the way intended are leaving.

u can use all armors in pve anyways? the thrall does most the work? XD

Well, I like to solo more, so. What Funcom should actually work on solo balance.

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