This is why the healing system needs to be changed back

After all the changes the exiled lands are getting i think we have the worst one yet, im not sending any hate towards funcom at all , but rather informing them on how to improve their game (: basically pvp fights dont feel like the fast paced blade slashing intense fights they use to be but rather get a couple strikes or take a couple strikes and then run away, sure these animations work pve side of things ig, but the entire isle of siptah seems pve based , so if its necessary atleast keep the new healing changes out of exiled lands, my proof that this ruins the game is all over the pvp YouTube videos, everyone I know does not like this change. Please funcom, stop over looking these suggestions

I dissent. The new healing system is better than the old system IMO.


Ability 5 of the vitality characteristic does not work.

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But weapons of the same stature having different damage is more realistic? Or skinning and animal that gives you the pelts of 200? Everyone likes to draw the line in the sand where they feel it is more “survivalist” but always disregard the fact that it is a game, which centers heavily around action. Now, you may be the type of person that isn’t good or does not prefer PvP, which is all fine of course, but for those that actually enjoy how PvP has been for YEARS and now all of a sudden it’s changed drastically, it’s a real kick in the ■■■. On console currently, if I am out and about maybe farming in heavy flawless, and I get nailed by some guy on a horse with a venom pike, I can set pot, and heal and attempt to evade. But when I played Siptah, GG. Noone is trying to get the whole squad decked out as an escort for the guy farming, it’s ridiculous.

Maybe you should start to do PvP in order to understand these people who “want to wipe all content and flatten and/or simplify systems”.

The moment you do a mistake in a PvP fight and get heavily punished by the fact that you can’t heal because of that friggin animation. This leads to death and into an even harsher punishment by losing your current equipment and items.

Watch the first clip:

You will see, the guy I am focusing, once he did a mistake he is basically only running and trying to get away from me. Drink a potion? Expect to get hit and lose at least 50% of HP that this potion provided. or even the full healing since the animation can be interrupted. Yet you are still at a disadvantage. Because of ONE mistake.

Do you think that the survivability of the characters will ruin the gameplay.

It is very much implied by something being “fitting in a survival game” that you expect realism. And how is it that you are objecting to anything? I’ve been playing the game since the beginning. Since just the desert, no highlands no jungle. This game has evolved and came to a point a large majority was ok with sans bugs. If you like the new healing system and would advocate for it, YOU are the “people wanting to wipe all content and flatten systems”. Or are you not saying what you mean to say correctly?

I don’t really like the new healing over the old one, although more “logical”, the new healing does not seem to fit this game at all. It feels out of place/too punishing for me. But thats what we have now, don’t expect it to be reverted or changed to something else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well personally I’m on Xbox and I’m waiting to get all of this but if you mess up in a fight expect to get killed as stated it’s pvp you are meant to kill each other it’s a part where even if you go out to get supplies you have to take into consideration that someone or something will attack you and to be prepared at all times most games that add things like these have both a lick system when healing and a cancellation as well but most of those are high tech and lots of guns and motorized vehicles but this is a mostly melee and thus running and hiding are much more difficult during combat I’m still laughing over the throwing axe. Help me… ok I’ll get the axe out of your head… what no no my legs need healing…
But the axe is in your head… yeah and when it hit my head it crippled my legs can you fix that… uuuuuuuuuuuuu🤨 oooooooook that’s a new one ( until you play Assassin creeds Valhalla and pretty much run in to that) the healing like most change will need tweaking as time goes on just 5 minutes of useing it does nothing you have to spend much time getting timings down to be effective with it as I understand why you not happy and what funcom is trying to do and I support both of you in trying to make it better for both communities and development as a whole to make it better for all but as always give it time

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Lick was to be lock stupid autocorrect

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SirDaveWolf Knows how to poke people?

i didnt think PvPers were even in this forum.

come duel me!

The thing about pvp in any game is normally a mistake causes you to die… yeah in this one you lose your gear but it’s still the same idea… from the way it sounds you expect to survive pvp by healing in the fight… major healing should be done outside a fight… and a potion isn’t supposed to be major healing…


I get what you are saying here. It’s similar to Dark Souls. Do a mistake and all your souls are gone.

The thing is some people like Souls like games, others do not. And there are people of the second category that still want to play a fair game.

I would like to if I had the game installed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I know the feeling, everyone i’ve trained quit, there is no one of worth to fight, and they are bored. Conan doesn’t know which way they want to take the game, and by so doing is killing both sides.
I log in to refresh a base i would like to see raided, so i can just not log in anymore.

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The new healing should have been in the game far sooner.

You no longer have to constantly silly-spam grilled steaks to counter poison and bleeding stacks from crud-tier cooks and dancers. Bandages actually have a use now, instead of being a flimsy flakey interactible, with which you had to be careful to not bump into your keyboard while healing, in order to not interrupt it. The whole “stopped healing” because you had a silly 1 damage tick on your character is thankfully gone (for now).

I’m not a roleplayer, but it kind of forced funcom into adding some animations and sounds to this sterile and boring way of interacting with any item in the game.


Did you live under a rock the whole time?

Set antidote/violet curative existed before the healing changes. You use that to remove poison. And then heal up in order to not get the healing canceled.

Bandages had a use too before the new healing system. You used them to remove bleed. And to heal up (which no one used, because of standing still).

I’d prefer if receiving damage wouldn’t remove food buffs, but only stop them from working for 10 seconds or so.

oh i dont recall commenting on the Topic.

on Topic, The Healing system was a nice add, until there are ways around it, such as healing water, herbal tea, god soup, and god food.

The system is a joke now, pick one or the other. people need to commit to a fight or not.

People usually are more committed to keep fighting when they can quickly heal up without a threat.

Nothing will change the fact that they start running once they are low on HP.

There is a difference, from someone RUNNING while healing, and someone STAYING near death while running.

that is what it means by fight or not. I should not have to re-damage someone to near death, because they suck, and all they need to do is run away “while” healing.
this isnt boxing with countless rounds. until someone dies.