HORSE + THRALL on Server settings

Please funcom, this opinion comes from a player in the PvP community.
Listen to us this time.
Currently the mounted combat is severely unbalanced and the reasons I can quote:

1- with a horse you can enter and exit the battle extremely easily (ok, this is one of the advantages of cavalry)

2- The damage multiplier of the mounted attack is superior to the attacks on the ground (maybe it is too strong, but ok because the attack rate is lower)

3- Attacking while mounted does not consume your stamina, in this case you can focus on builds with little GRIT and little ENCUMBRANCE, which can make you more resistant or with greater strength.

4- Dropping someone off the horse while on the ground is an almost impossible task, even in the light saddle. (I believe this should be just a feature of the heavy saddle, to compensate for the difficulty of maneuvering)

5- The damage multiplier when using a LANCE plus its basic status, makes this weapon ridiculously unbalanced (Currently you can kill another level 60 player, full epic armor, 40 ~ 50 vitality with just 1 hit) *

6- The mount alone ends up helping to tank some damage, staying in front of some hits you would receive.

7- Now add to all these advantages the fact that you can have a tiger following you while you are mounted …
No other player who does not have the same setup as you (horse + Tiger) can win … Even those who are only on horseback will have a hard time.

So as an attempt to solve these imperfections in PvP that make players lose interest in the game (And I’ll be honest, the game itself is great and it’s good to see Funcom trying to improve and bring more things to it):

  • Nerf the Lance damage.(it’s ridiculous and not pleasant to die in 1 hit when wearing the best in-game items)

  • Create a significant difference between riding saddles to have some useful diversity (Maybe the heavier the saddle, the less damage you take from a lance hit. it can create a dynamic like fighter jets and bombers)

  • And most importantly, CREATE A SLIDER in the server settings so that it can be set if the server supports the use of HORSE + THRALL or not. That way it would even be possible for private servers to use a different configuration where it would be possible for the player to walk with 2 thralls or something like that, like an army.
    And in the case of Official PvP servers, this slider will only use one or the other … either the player uses the HORSE or uses a THRALL and not both.

PvP Official Server: Horse or thrall
PvE Official Server: Horse and Thrall


Funcom states that this is intended.

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A large amount of damage is ok… instakill is not. i can’t understand how they get into this design.
back to the topic, maybe lance damage could scale based on saddle type.
That way a player with a light saddle would not do as much damage with lance, but would have better mobility.

This would somehow help to match Ground vs. Horse PvP because a player alone using the heavy saddle has greater difficulty in maneuvering and hitting a player on the ground.
So it would look like this:
Heavy saddle wins from light saddle
Light saddle wins against player on the ground
Players on the ground are more likely to dodge and counterattack against heavy saddles.
medium saddle would be the balance between the two.

This plus “Use only the thrall or the horse, not both” would make pvp much more interesting and still be part of their proposal to reduce the skill gap.

we would have strategies and roles to follow.
You would be:
The Rider who will hunt other riders (heavy saddle + throw) or;
The knight who will hunt players on the ground (Light saddle + spear) or;
The Player on the ground with a tiger trying to stop the rider or;
The Player on the ground with a thrall trying to stop the Tiger;

This would greatly favor teamplay.

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Sounds great,but i would focus more on this pet or horse thing.

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About cats - remove the pounce from the tamed animals and nerf their damage.
About horses - remove mounted combat at all or make it ineffective and weak, like in AoC.

OMFG! It’s so brillant!

Please ■■■■■■, hire him now!

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