Just horsing around

I know If I thought on it long enough, I would come up with another waste of time thread.

Horses are not fighters, they need to be reclassified to “bearer” and given a few more slots.

I was glad to see that you can now eat and drink on a horse.

Lets make them useful in PvE, were they are already OP in PvP.


dear Sir,

I desagree of course, how could it be different.
1/I bought the "Riders DLC " to fight on horse not to travel…
2/what funcom has done about combat on horse is very fine (movements, effect when charging a crowd…, the joust, the heavy lance etc)… maybe… a shield to protect my left side would be appreciated.

BUT, I strongly agree with your wonderful idea to add another sadlle to transport A LOT of things during the ride ( a mount + a bearer at the same time).
You have a great idea there!

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Make a saddle with 300 slots instead.

Cool stuff for any of the PvE stuff that we do. Would be awesome. But could you imagine the negative impact that those changes would have on PvP . Horses are already unbalance with no counters to them. So speaking of adding to them should be carefully speaking of. But again would be nice for farming :grinning:

I am disappointed their ability to fight was removed.

Nope, dont give a hoot about PvP it is not worth playing.
You want real PvP without gear, potions, and levels, undermeshing, etc, you in the wrong game.

You putting aside X amount of player because you as a single human being want some changes that would impact the game differently in each game mode is simply showing your imaturity and ignorance. If you have nothing revelant/constructive to say I would like you to not @ me again.

Don’t start another PvE vs PvP thread, they are useless.
I really agree with jones in this one, Horses are not fighters, but that doesn’t mean they are not meant to be used in a fight, there isn’t a single reason to start to argue again about game types.

There could be a bearer saddle, similar in specs as the heavy, but instead of armor it could increase the amount of slots the mount has. and there you have it, bearer mounts.

Speaking of mounts, i would love to have to option to set the “stop following” by default and a button to call the mount (within radius) to come to you.

I fail to see how faster movement and 8 additional inv spots is not useful in PvE tbh.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed. Go right to the source and ask the horse…

Not just one human, a grand amount of humans.

Do a search for how many game balance threads say PvP vs PvE. You will find very few PvE balance threads, unlike PvP threads which are all about balance.

My horse DOES NOT fighter, yet it is a fighter.
That is what this thread was about.

Stop talking for others. Your a single human being nothing else. What you think is an opinion and no fact. Be respectful to other and acknowledge the fact that others matter as well.

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there are already a lot of ways to counter cavalry… we need to change a bit our way to pvp.
In my mind the two point of wiew “horses” vs “non horses” are so far away from each other… One of the best way to solve that could be to have an option for the server: “horses allowed in PVP fights” “horse not allowed in PVP fights”

Best Regards

Care to tell us about those many ways?