Do Thralls have attribute perks? And other Q's

Hello, community! I have been playing Conan Exiles hardcore-wise for several weeks. I have asked a lot of Q’s on the wiki’s Discord community, but not gotten all the answers I’ve wanted. Could you read this and reply to what you know? Thank you!

  1. Do Thralls have attribute perks?
    I have evidence that if the Survival of a thrall is not 10 or above, the thrall will not eat raw food.

  2. Is there any Blacksmith Specialization that can increase the amount of yield for tools, or is the durability specialization the only relevant one?

  3. I have made a maxed Steel Truncheon (+Concussion from specialization, +Concussion from addon), but I cannot differentiate it from other Truncheons without the specialization bonus in my inventory or tooltip. Is there something I am missing?

  4. Does the Orb of Nergal actually leave a mark or detrimental effect?

  5. Once the many types of RNG have been done and an actually PERFECT [enough] thrall is raised [growth chance, food buffs, luck, attributes, perks]: is there any way to breed this or copy this down the line?
    It seems like the likelihood of getting a HIGHLY MIN-MAXED char being so low demands a reward for actually doing it.

  6. How do clan permissions work? I’ve found that my new recruit could not access the vaults while in that rank, but what else can they not do? There does not seem to be any documentation on this.
    We are worried about new recruits terrorist-disassembling our base while we sleep!

  7. Are thrall/pet perks truly random? If the playstyles are radically different, they will both still have the same chances for randomized perks?

  8. Is there a hard cap on armor on armor pieces?
    We made a Voidforged Dragon piece with a Shieldwright bonus, and then added an Armor addon to it - and the armor barely went up! This was for our tank thrall.

  9. Do RNG rates drop after receiving too many of one meta character? IE, the Dalinsia thrall?

FYI, if necessary, I am playing on PC Official PVE 1736 [America].

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the forums @Qen-Liar !
I might be wrong, but:

  • 1: Thralls have perks, but different than characters’ perks. They get a random perk on level 10, 15 and 20. It can be negative, or positive (or both). So no perks after every 10 points in attributes.
  • 2: nope, only durability bonus, damage bonus, or armor penetrarion bonus. (Here is the detailed wiki site: Blacksmith (thrall) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki under the Bonuses section.)
  • 3: There is sadly no indicator about concussive damage, so look at the durability and weight values. (If you are on PC, I suggest to use Hosav’s custom UI mod, it has an option to display the concussive damage you deal whenever you hit a target.)
  • 5: Heheh, breeding thralls :laughing: . But to be serious: you can’t breed them, the perks they get is pure RNG, the attribute points they get is a slightly influencable (this is the correct word?) RNG.
  • 7: Yep, they are TOTALLY random. Human, undead, different animal group followers have their own set of perks however, but they share a lot of common perks.
  • 8: What armor modification did you use? There is no hard cap, only diminishing returns. After a certain amount of armor, the damage reduction becomes extremely low.
  • 9: Nope, that’s totally random. You are in the hands of RNGeezus.

Hope that helps!

  1. Not really, it’s just that on 10, 15 and 20 lv they get bonus attributes but i wouldn’t call it perks.
  2. No, there’s only weight reduction, damage bonus, penetration for weapons / tools BUT you can increase tool with advanced tool upgrade kit
  3. There’s no tooltip information for concussion damage unfortunatelly.
  4. No.
  5. In official servers / unmodded game - no. BUT you could do it with mods, maybe Pippi mod could do that.
  6. Everyone in clan can do almost anything related to game, they can’t just invite / kick someone from clan. Are You sure he couldn’t open vault?
  7. Unfortunatelly that’s how it is, the only way we can influence it is by giving them proper food but that’s just 14% i think.
  8. It’s always % bonus. So if something is 0% it will still be 0 after bonus or if it’s very very low value it will still be low.
  9. No.
  1. I did some further testing and it seems that a Thrall with Survival 4 and another with Survival 16 will BOTH eat raw meat in combat to replenish themselves.
    I will keep looking into this. It would be awesome to find some resources on what the actual attributes do with Thralls.

*8) I used a T3 increased armor addon on an Heavy, Epic “Barachan Reiver Breeches” and the armor gain was literally about 4 armor on the piece. This is the 2nd time my clan had seen this, after making a heavy dragon-bone leggings which had the same effect. The armor of the piece is 267 after Shieldwright specialization and the T3 Armor addon.

If I were to download the Conan Exiles dev kit, would the answers be more forthcoming there?



That’s about right, to be honest. The different levels of armour plates only add a few points to each piece you add them to unfortunately. It still adds a bit of value across the whole suit, so I still find it worth doing, but it’s not a lot.

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