Do thrall's benefit from perks like our characters do?

As above. I’m wondering if thrall’s also gain the same perk skills we do for surpassing 10,20,30,40 & 50 stat points per stat type.

E.G would a thrall with strength 40 benefit from ‘brutal strikes’, therfore gaining 15%dmg to heavy attacks?

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Thralls get (more or less random) perks at levels 10, 15 and 20. These perks vary wildly in quality, from straight up detrimental to awesomely good.

What (if anything) can be done to control or direct acquisition of specific perks (or avoidance of same) is currently a hot topic around here.

But no, they don’t benefit directly from the player’s perks, nor do they follow that structure depending on their own stats.

I’d like to say that “what you see is what you get”, but that’s demonstrably false, there’s plenty of hidden information that the game’s UI just won’t show you, so this question is a perfectly reasonable one.

OK, thanks for the input.

Yeah I was wondering/hoping it was applied in the background. It would add value to tailoring each thrall’s armour sets based on their max stats. Guess I’ll just keep to vit/str combos.

At first I thought it was a shame that God breaker helmet (with its gas mask effect and high durability) enhances grit, as that doesn’t help thrall’s, I think it makes sense now though as theres a payoff if you want them to be protected from acid, it will cost you stat buffs. Other wise it would it would just be meta to have it on every thrall.

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