Question about thrall perks/leveling

Umm basically this idea i got because i posted in one topic "show thrall " ,about thralls, but i just now want to be sure if this is just my vision or actual stuff, or it may be in future update

Basically about thrall perks
As far as i found out they are like random (rng) atleast that what everyone say but after last 3 thralls with they perks and leveling, it now feels like something with how u train them…

I dont have others now on screen but one last what just got 20 level

So i try to explain on what i think-

Thrall #1 ( Berserker )
Level 1 he had like rng % on skill grow, so i just gived him good armor and feeded him raw meat or gruel basically with all i got on had ( non-cooked) Gived good sword (crom) , so i leveled him up…

Level 20 he got HP 8700 or so and perks of survival…
What i mean - survival - raw food - perks more luck on survival…

Thrall #2
Level 1 He was archer , so i gived him heavy armor some weak sword and used him as helper that protected me while i harvested from mob ambush, gived him gruel only
i mean archer - what can it be more… if lose then loose, but somehow when i found out his 10 level first perk, i leveled him up using same tactic but on stronger bosses and vaults
His perks turned out to be 2 on str 1 on HP…

What i mean - weak sword gived him ability to use str to hit stronger ? (also i use str because i dont know how to spell it good enough in english- sorry)

and Thrall #3 ( screen shot ) I feeded her with cooked meat and gived crom sword, but weak armor, light pirate one i used healing arrows in boss battles and feeded only meat… So it turned out on Agility - like to avoid attacks

I mean - almost no armor - maked to turn into swift cat?

So this gived question - its possible that the way how u train thrall, gives impact on what perks they will get? if no then it would, i think, be good idea
To get Agility perks - no armor or less armor for ‘‘movement’’
To get str perks - weak weapons
To get survival perks- heavy armor , raw food
To get vitality - Heavy armor and harsh teritory with heat /cold and lot of cooked food like feasts
To get accuracy - armor like pirate head dress that blinds one eye so other gives sniper… and so on…

Idea - the way how u train thrall is the way what and how he levels up…

If your on PC, Puppet Master has been so helpful in cutting out a major chunk of bad RNG.

Otherwise… your kinda stuck. The Stat Bonus don’t matter to much “Math” wise. Since your Thralls hidden multiplier stat matter more when its all calculated out. Wrong Perks don’t matter to much.

It triggers my OCD in all wrong ways to get wrong perks. (I rarely get 2 of 3) I value my ps4 thralls alot more then I do my PC ones thou… Mods really changed that, XD

I love to feed my thralls or find rare scrolls to get my picks of Perks, or even get them Skills.


If u both talked about moded things, then nope, its official server non-moded, pc,so i guess i just got lucky that perks leveled as i trained them - somehow logically

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