Thrall & Pet Levelling: Questions A Plenty

Hi all. After getting off to something of a slow start due to the fact I dont often use followers, I have now begun to level a number of them, which I am actually finding quite fun! However, I have a whole bunch of questions regarding this system and how it works. So far I have watched a Youtube video by Firespark, but many questions remain. I am attaching a picture of a Thralls stats for the sake of convenient reference.

Ok now onto the many questions:

  1. It is my understanding thus far that every time a follower levels up, they gain a boost to one of the Attributes listed on the left hand side, correct?

  2. The values on the left hand side, and in turn the probability of levelling each respective stat, can be elevated based on which food we give them to eat?

  3. Are the perks which they unlock completely random (ie-governed by RNG), or are they predetermined based on Thrall/Pet type? (eg-do only Archers get Accuracy perks? Do Elephants get Strength perks as opposed to say Gazelle?)

  4. Followers gain there exp from killing things. But do they have to be the ones to deliver the final blow in order to be awarded that experience?

  5. This runs parallel to Q4. If a follower is actively following me and I kill an enemy, does the follower recieve any experience for this or not?

  6. Can anyone provide a link to a good guide which states which foods bolster the chances of which stats?

  7. Can Undead and Frost Giant ‘Pets’ level also?

  8. Does the strength of the followers used weapon (ie-damage rating) or food (eg- Exotic Meat vs Feral Flesh for Pets) have any bearing on the rate or amount of exp awarded to the follower?

  9. Is there an Admin Panel setting which will allow us to adjust how quickly or slowly they gain exp?

Im sure I had a couple more, and if necessary will update this list if I recall them later.

10) does Agility serve any purpose for Pets? I know we cant equip them with armour like we can a Saddle for our Horses. But will Agility give them a passive armour rating, or an ‘invisible’ set if you will?

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  1. They could potentially increase each attribute per level, the % you see is the chance for that particular attribute to go up every level.

  2. Yes.

  3. Currently Fighters can get Archer perks and vice versa, I think Funcom has said this is a mistake that they are working on. I have heard that types of pets pull from different pools, such as ostriches and shoebills pulling from the bird pool, but I haven’t messed with pets since the update.

  4. No.

  5. Yes, they get the full experience no matter which of you kills it, as long as one of you damages it.

  6. Check the Thrall Food Tab on this spreadsheet.

  7. I believe they are supposed to, but a clan mate of mine deployed both a Wight and a tall skeleton and it seemed that only the tall skeleton had the option to level. Unfortunately, my buddy killed him accidentally by shooting him with a healing arrow (I can’t make this stuff up).

  8. No.

  9. Probably.


About 9.: I have not seen such a setting yet, but there is a typed command that gives them xp directly. I have no idea how to type such a command when using a console, however…

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  1. No. XP gain seems to be hardcoded 'cause our XP multiplier doesn’t affect Follower XP (one of our Youtubers said it a couple of days ago, looks like it was @Firespark81 when speaking about Perks pool).

Clarification to one of these:

Whether it’s you or the thrall who deals the killing blow doesn’t matter, but the thrall needs to be following you to gain exp. Thralls set to Guard do not. So you can’t level up thralls by luring NPCs to your base and letting your archers shoot them - only the thrall following you can gain exp.


I have a question.

Do the Thralls/Pets have to be actively following to gain XP.
I was in a purge last night it seemed like only the thrall I had following me gained XP

Yes they do. It was mentioned in the post and the live stream.

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I appreciate your thorough list of questions. They will, no doubt, assist players.

I carry gruel to feed my thrall between leveling to add a 14% greater chance of gaining strength. Steaks and Shredded Roast affect Agility and Vitality, although I don’t remember which one does which.

On a side note, since the armor attributes now apply to thralls, the Vanir is practically useless for them (Which is great because those antlers…). Cimmerian is good for the Vitality (HP).

Ok that has got me off to a phenomenal start. I have no idea what my Cimmerian Berserker and Tigers earlier levels achieved prior to this thread went on. But at least now I have some general direction. @Starwalker and @Ko6ka thanks for clearing that up for me. Not sure what the odds are, but Im hoping they will add the ‘+1 level’ feature for followers too. I seldom cheat, but if followers disappear through no fault of my own, I will correct this using the Admin Panel. And it would be good to regain their lost levels too.

This was actually one of the relatively few things which I already knew of, as I had seen other members discussing it previously. But thanks for letting me know anyway Kapoteeni! Much obliged. Im still not sure how to feel about this. I certainly understand why, because players could just place a follower near a spawn point and let them ‘auto-level’. But some Purges can be gruelling with almost a dozen waves of high level opponents, and I cant help but feel they should be worth something.

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That is an excellent and very comprehensive reply. And while Im not sure if its yours or not, that spreadsheet is pretty darn comprehensive too. Thanks LostInTim. Although I disagree with the Pet feeding section. Im actually keen to start giving them a go again now that the levelling system is out. And being a cat lover, I have been levelling a Tiger too. Which has led me to add a new question to the OP…

If you can type commands while being an admin, then the command “givefollowerxp ###” (with ### being the number of XP desired) will give your follower ### XP.
I ‘recreated’ a follower (that was supposed to be a fighter but got the archer-perk) this way :wink:


I play PvP and you can’t put a gas mask on a tiger… at least not twice.

I just haven’t had time to mess with pets and since there are so many categories and food types and such I basically just stuck to thralls.

And thanks, I just wish I had damage numbers to compare as well, but unfortunately thralls must remain shrouded in mystery. Doing some analysis on Experience per Level that I may add soon if anything jumps out at me.


Thanks Starwalker. I am honestly not certain whether or not I can, and will have to look into this. There is actually still a LOT in the Admin Panel which I dont know what it is/how to use it. Because Im pretty bad with technology, my approach is usually if I dont know what it does, dont mess with it. In the meantime, does anyone else on console happen to know if we can do this…?

I can wholeheartedly understand this approach if you play PvP. Thralls are stronger and more versatile than Pets, and it makes sense to use the more competitive option, so as to not place yourself at a disadvantage when facing your opponents.

Yeah I can understand that too. The update hasnt been out that long in the overall scheme of things. And the possibilities are still emerging. Moreover, so many Pets (naturally) have different diets deoending on the type, compared to Thralls which are universal regardless of types. Frankly what you have already assembled regarding Thralls is already impressive. Great job!

No problems at all. Im curious to see where the data falls nyself once we as a community have had more time with the new system. But at the moment, finding out is all part of the fun.

This question is open to anyone who may have an answer. I have now added it to the OP alongside the others, but here it is again anyway:

Q10) does Agility serve any purpose for Pets? I know we cant equip them with armour like we can a Saddle for our Horses. But will Agility give them a passive armour rating, or an ‘invisible’ set of armour if you will?

Yes, at least I noticed on one of the undead that my clan mate took for a personal thrall that it gives 40 Armor/Point (the best humans get 10) so I would assume that pets get some armor from Agility as well.

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An additional detail mentioned in a Dev Stream is that if an attribute increases, there is a second secret roll for gaining a second point.

The chance for the second increase roll was described as 40% at the time, unsure if it is impacted by food. I have no data to back up the accuracy of the info.

Edit: Added the video link from one of the excellent Recap posts per @Multigun. The secret roll chance is apparently variable between 40% and 75%.


Thank you! Missed this detail and we had been wondering how we were getting over 20 points in stats sometimes.

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I don’t know how you access the console in admin panel on PS4. But you can type using a keyboard in both search bars. So, perhaps it’s possible to use the console commands.

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I must have missed this detail. Cool. So if I understand correctly, when we go up a level, there is also a 40-75% chance that a second Attribute will go up a level too, like a ‘double-level’ of sorts…!?

It just becomes a new option in the Pause menu after we activate Admin rights in the Server Settings menu (see below). I will spawn an expendable lvl 1 Fighter and run some tests, then break the bond with him afterwards, and post any results here.