Feeding followers for levelling bonus and other thralls for buffs

As of Dec 2023, what happens to stacks of food left in Follower thrall inventories?
Do they consume them automatically?
If so, what causes them to eat another piece?
Since launch I’ve had periods of playing this game a lot and periods of not payin attention to it at all. Age of War looks kinda cool so I’m back, but with the food system I’ve seen lots of features come, change and go, and bugs pop up and get fixed. Here’s what I think certain foods (the ones pictured in the bottom of their char window) do:

  • make them heal faster (both follows and guard mode)
  • give them small immediate stat buffs (both follows and guard mode)
  • give a chance that when their base stats increase on level-up, the increase for certain stats is bigger than normal (followers only b/c guards don’t level)
  • for the levelling stat increase it seems to me like it may run out sooner than the immediate buff, and seems to end every time they level, and need to be refreshed.

Back in the day thrall and pet feeding was very buggy, like if you put in a stack and closed their inventory, the whole stack would just disappear. So I got in the habit of feeding active followers one piece at a time, to keep the levelling stat bonus running whenever they might level.
If wondering if the bugs got fixed, and what the features are now. All the articles and posts i can find are years old.
Anybody know the current state or a good page to look at for this type of info?
It would be convenient to drop a stack in them, and currently the “totally vanish” bug seems gone, but how fast will they eat through the stack, ie will they eat a piece:

  • every time they end a fight with damage, to heal faster?
  • whenever the immediate stat buff times out?
  • whenever the levelling bonus times out or a level is hit?

Thx much for any insights!

You can put a stack of food on the thrall and they will eat from it when they need to heal. Different foods give better chances for leveling attributes. As well as affect the amount of healing points per second. They no longer seem to eat food idly and whole thrall pots of food will spoil.

Correct, so if you’re trying to go for a food buff and chance at stat growth, ensure they’ve eaten the desired food prior to leveling up. If you’re not sure, feed them manually. Also, food bonuses don’t stack, so it applies the buff of whatever the last food they ate.

I level every thrall the same and check if theres a buff after they do.

If there isnt i go make sure they get hit before i continue. Most high end melee thralls i can get to a natural 40 in strength which is very optimal for all content in t he game. Even those who get like 35 for example- i can respect to get a +10 or +15 bonus to the stat i want.

Manually feed them Salted Pork, Elixir of Might and a diet of gruel for STR. For AGL, Salted Exquisite Meat, Elixir of Grace, and cooked fish/steak. Long lasting easy 30% buff to applicable weapon stat. Healing food does the rest for leveling, manually feed and check buff after each level. The RNG for thralls is a crapshoot most of the time anyways and rebirth potions turn the RNG into a slot machine hoping for those +15’s.

Yeah a real crap shoot- this is just one server im on - ive got others with might of giants +15 strength

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