Follower Eating to heal - working as intended?

I’ve noticed that while Thralls no longer consume entire stacks of food immediately, something still seems off about how fast they eat / heal. I tried it on a fresh-ish Daicas (level 2 as you can see), and gave him a 50-stack of Grilled Steak. A fairly low-level item, granted, but still. I only took screens at 30, 25 and 20 pieces left. But he went through those Steaks in no time at all, healing only around ~20 pts of life per item, and I think the majority of that came from his natural regen rather than the items.


If this is all working as intended, then fine. But it does seem a little off to me.


Hey @Mikey

We’ll send your observation to our team to see if it is intended or not.


I noticed this as well seems they eat constantly on a timer if their health is not full. Once their health is full the eating stops.


Sure, but that’s okay actually, it’s more the rate they eat at (which is very fast) and the amount of healing (which seems tiny).


i was observing this as well, if they heal 1 hp per second natural regen, they heal 2 per second with food, so the food does sth but it is so low that you may as well not use it :slight_smile: the healing arrows are still the way to go for thralls and the pets remain a no go for anything tougher.


I agree it’s a lot of food for little benefit.


I haven’t checked if this is working with my thralls, but I feel like things are working as intended with my horse. When injured he consumes food until healed. And the food does give a nice (not overdone) healing buff.

I’m not necessarily concerned about the amount of food consumed by mounts since a hundred stack of foodstuff is easy to come by in most places, but the healing seems … low, even insufficient.



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With the mounts or I imagine even some of the plant eating animals its probably not a big deal but when it comes to meat eaters and thralls it is a lot for little benefit, would prefer seeing a bit more time between consumption, if we don’t get more healing from the food item. If nothing else a heavy burst of regeneration when the food is consumed then a cool down time before they consume more for another boost.

Currently it just seems more wasteful then worthwhile.

Considering that it is the only means available to heal Pets, I wholeheartedly agree with you Wak4863.


Also, the healing rates are based on player characters right? We have what, 400-600 health? So 1hp natural regen + 1hp from eating = ages before a 9k health thrall is going to heal up.

I have noticed as I have been playing tonight that my Follower has stopped eating to heal. It was working earlier today, but now the food sits there even though the follower is well below half health.

Server: Private G-Portal Server (XBOX)
Region: America

It appeared to me that the thrall were not healing at all unless I was near them. Granted this is without any food in their inventory.

I could be wrong, but I logged off and back into the game hours later and they were still not at max HP.

Ugh don’t tell me that old bug is back :cry:

I will have to test it some more, but that was what happened yesterday.

I noticed the same, on Xbox. Snowhunter was healing a 1 point per second. I then gave her a stack of 50 roasted haunch, and the regen jumped to 10 points a second while consuming 1 haunch per 2 seconds. Just an FYI since on the console that is not on testlive, but Liive Official.

Mikey, that bug never left :man_shrugging:

Left at less than full health with no player entering the software cell, no healing happens. This seems to be a ‘catch-up timer’ bug. The engine should calculate the duration and apply the appropriate resultant health. It is not working.

Please note this does not apply to single player, since the server stops time when you log off. There is no duration.



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Hmm, no I was thinking of the “thralls start at 100 hp on server restart” bug. So I guess this one might well have been there all along. The “catch up mechanic” has always been a bit wobbly in any case.

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