Thralls need food again?

I’m on official PvE. Xbox One console.

I have a base in the volcano. I have two thralls there—a pre-patch Syra Brennerhet (named dancer, level 0 Max) and an Eril the Ravager I placed three days ago.

The old thrall shows max health.

The new, post-patch thrall was down to 2k health out of 6k. I put a stack of cooked fish into his inventory and he’s eating slowly, and regaining health.

My question is this: do thralls (meaning, those placed after the patch)now starve again? Or are they effected by weather, meaning he’s sweating to death?

Again it’s a pve server so no player damage. He’s in a 10x10x8 outpost, there’s been no purge, he’s impossible to reach. Smack dab in the middle.

Just curious so I know If I need to take him to a nicer climate down south, or leave him dinner out or whatever.

Hey @BroForceFive, welcome to the Forums!

There are a couple other posts that explain all the changes with the latest update and the thrall leveling system that I’ll point to you real quick…

But, to your specific question, NO, they do not need to eat food to live. There is no ‘maintenance’ requirement that has been reintroduced. However, thralls and pets will eat food to help the heal if they have taken damage. See their preferred food in their inventory - different food will have higher health-per-sec. Also, on the thralls, different foods consumed will get them different bonuses to their chance to level up in a particular stat.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


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