Follower stat growth food bug

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands

Bug Description:

Follower has added 7% growth chance to strength and grit instead of 14% to vitality. Only has grilled steak in her inventory. Has never eaten any other food. Eating different food does not change bonus.

Bug Reproduction:

Follower had 14% bonus to vitality growth, and next time I checked, it was wrong. I did nothing in between that should have caused this, just fighting enemies and bosses.

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Welcome to the Forum. With the same food I have seen them go from 14% and later the same for vitality. New update in a few weeks perhaps something will be fixed watched YouTube video today didn’t hear any mention

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Any chance you have a thrall pot with cooked pork in it?..

In any case, is this something you can consistently reproduce and can list steps for? because no offense, but “I did nothing and this happened” isn’t exactly reproduction steps the devs could follow in tracking this down… especially if it was just a one time thing you noticed and not something consistent :slight_smile:

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I’m aware the reproduction steps are vague, but that cannot be helped. If I knew why this happened, I could report it and more importantly I could avoid repeating it, but it just happened for no apparent reason.

I do have a thrall pot, and it did have cooked pork in it. Not in the first slot though, that was more grilled steak. In any case, the thrall pot was in my base near the Sentinels, and this happened in the Unnamed City.

This was also not a one time thing. This happened three times while I was leveling Ansina Hidden-Daggers to level 20. The last time it happened when she was already level 20. After her last level up, I checked what her final stats were, and saw the vitality bonus was still there - of course it was, since she had just gained more health and had eaten grilled steak from her inventory after she leveled. And a few minutes later, she inexplicably had that 7% bonus for strength and grit, while still having grilled steak in her inventory. All that happened between those two points is that I’d fought a couple bosses in the Unnamed City, she had eaten some more grilled steak, but had not yet run out. She had never had any cooked pork in her inventory.

I’ve had something similar happen with Hagar Hawkeye. While I leveled him, he twice had a bonus to leveling strength instead of vitality. That time I could feed him the right food, exit and restart the game, and the correct bonus would be there. This time it does not work. Nothing I have tried changes Ansina’s bonus to what it should be.

then the mystery is pretty much solved. When thralls take damage while guarding your base (or for example if you ask them to follow you and you have well trained, causing them to drop below their new maximum health) they might use food from the thrall pot… and cooked pork gives the exact bonuses you listed.

Afterwards it doesn’t matter if they have their own food, the new bonus would only apply if they fall below maximum health and would be required to eat it on their own.

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Well, I can say that the mystery is definitely not solved, because nothing you said applies here.

My Ansina did not take damage guarding the base. I do not have the Well Trained perk. She was in the UNNAMED CITY, and took damage from some skeletons. How or why would she eat anything from a thrall pot located at the SENTINELS, instead of from her own inventory?

I have previously noticed thralls taking food from the pot. At the time, I had dried berries in the first slot, that is how I noticed, because they all had a couple berries in their inventory. Since then, I rearranged the pot so that grilled steak was in the first slot. So, even if Ansina had eaten from the pot, which she should not have been able to do, it should have been grilled steak anyway.

Secondly, what you said about the new bonus applying if they fall below maximum health and eat on their own… tried that already. It does not work. It does not matter if I tell Ansina to eat grilled steak or she takes damage and eats it herself, her bonus remains stuck on strength and grit.

Hmm, maybe the UI info part got stuck like that for some reason.

Try to take her away from the thrall pot, take away all her food and feed her some raw flesh by putting it in her inventory and clicking the Use button.

That will cause her to lose health. After that give her a different type of food and let her eat that on her own, make sure it’s something other than cooked pork or grilled steak, maybe simple Gruel.
She should automatically eat that to heal and hopefully if the display resets it would show up the 14% Strength.

After that wait for the healing effect to completely end (~10s), force-feed her some more raw flesh in case she got back to max HP and then give the grilled steak back, see if that resets the display and cause it to properly display vitality

Tried what you suggested. I fed Ansina feral flesh, followed by shredded roast. Her stat bonus did not switch to grit.

I had a theory about the thrall pot. It occurs to me that even though she was following me in the Unnamed City, her last guarding spot was within range of the thrall pot. It makes no sense that she would be able to eat from it, or that she would choose that particular food, but that could be the cause of the bug.

It also occurs to me that the strength and grit bonus comes from cooked pork rinds, which is the only food that gives a 25% damage boost, which takes precedence over other foods. If that also applies to the level up bonus, that could be why it is stuck, because it overrides all other foods.

I’ll make a new thrall and test if I can get that one stuck as well.

There is something suspicious about the whole level up system. Why is it that the first and only the first item you feed to a pet each level matters, but the same does not apply to human thralls? The system should be the same for both. I also wonder whether those growth chances are somehow rigged. I have a single horse, which had a 100% chance of growth to vitality, and every level I fed it vines and it got two points. Odds of that should be 1 in 76296, and I don’t think I’m just that lucky.

Yes, that’s why I asked if you have a thrall pot with that specific food in it.

If you did the above and it didn’t switch, then to me this looks like the database got corrupted a bit when it comes to that thrall and it won’t accept anything new in that regard :thinking:

That’s most likely because pets have certain items on their diet that do not alter stats at all. For example Exotic Flesh has absolutely no bonus. So you can feed another type of food to get a certain bonus and then keep feeding them Exotic Flesh without overwriting the bonus since it does not contain any.

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I was under the impression that the thrall pot still isn’t working. Was this patched in the AoW update?

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Did a test a couple days ago. Kited a one Skull crocodile into 2 fighters both health down by half 6 minutes or more later They ate 2 gruel from pot still doesn’t show who are feeding

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mmmm I think it’s a bit of a wildcard, which is why I didn’t dismiss it.
I’ve heard reports that it works on consoles… I know we lost the UI that listed thralls and such and mine doesn’t appear to work ingame.

I have not checked though whether the code for it was modified after the UI disappeared, if I have time I’ll check.

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I did the test I mentioned. I used the admin panel to get two fresh thralls, and fed them different foods. For both, changing which attribute growth chances get increased was possible, but it required exiting and restarting the game. But cooked pork rinds worked different. When I fed them that, the bonus changed immediately, without needing to restart the game, and then became stuck. I suspect that food is bugged. Not only is the 25% damage boost impossible to overwrite with other foods, but the growth chance increases to strength and grit cannot be overwritten either - and unlike the damage boost, they persist after restarting, until the next level. Feed that to a level 20 thrall, and it is permanent.

Also, thralls being able to get food from the thrall pot when much too far away is another bug. But that is probably what happened. I have previously seen a thrall suddenly with cooked fish in their inventory, which I had not given them, but I had a stack of it in the thrall pot.

Apparently, the only viable workaround for this issue is to never have any food in your thrall pot except the one you want to use for leveling attributes.

By the way, there is one food for human thralls that also does not affect their attributes - roasted haunch. Feeding that to a thrall who already has a boost to attribute growth does not remove it. So, for human thralls, cooked pork rinds cannot be overwritten, and roasted haunch cannot overwrite, which is just plain weird.

Yea, that’s true :slight_smile:

Okay, so I checked the code for it.

It’s not the case of the food being bugged when it comes to the damage buff… it’s actually the fact that the buff lasts a whole hour and there’s preventive code added to not allow the stronger buff being overridden by a weaker one no matter what you feed them.

So that explains why the damage buff is not changed. However sadly the part where the actual food is consumed and the growth chances are temporarily increased aren’t available to us in the devkit.

However… maybe they accidentally used a similar mechanic for that / or based that somehow off of this.
Which means you could try taking away all their food, empty the thrall pot and wait an hour at least ingame to see if the damage buff clears. Try feeding them something else after to see if it’s any better. (In single player time only passes when you’re ingame so maybe it never got 1 hour cumulatively since the last time she ate the food?)

Worth a try at least. In any case we’re slowly getting more details on the matter and that’s good. If I have a bit of extra time I’ll also try to recreate the thing with the cooked pork to see if I can spot something additional.

I am not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but thralls take food from the pot. As you walk around with the thrall in the world the “taken food” reapers in thralls inventory (very easy to test this with animals/horses). I know that thralls have priorities of what food they will take first from the pot, the sequence inside the pot does not matter.
Conclusion, by the end if the day, all this does not matter. There are many testings done online (I did it myself as well) and food has almost no effect on your thralls leveling. Its is best to give thrall food that helps with heath regeneration than what affects it provides.


I keep experimenting but gruel seems as good as anything.


Definitely most efficient one

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Horses have been that way at least since the stat changes. 100% chance on vitality = 2 points in vitality every time they level. Since they start with 1 they end up with 41 base vitality at level 20.

Was handy during the period when horses had very low health in general. I’d always raise multiples until I got one with an 86% or better vitality chance since the 14% from vines would then make it 100%.

Too bad thralls don’t work that way.

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