How do you level thrall

O havent time to play yet, sadly. how does levelling thralls/pets work? Do you take them with you to fight or is there any other way? i am soooo curious…

Put them on follow and kill things with them or let them kill things but they have to be on follow.

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Only newly captured or unused (left in inventory) thralls and pets gain experience. Old thralls will stay on level 0 forever.

Horses gain experience while riding (no need to gallop).

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Thanks both of you :slight_smile:

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Before reaching each new level, it’s best to feed your follower to get a bonus (a better chance of a point in the statistics). Which food gives bonuses, you have to deduce yourself - they made this system quite nice.

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That looks pretty cool. i think I will get back to world of Conan today. Still i fight where to play - pve official or solo :smiley: But I am struggling with this every day since i started to play .)

If you want to have the control in your own hands, singleplayer.
If you can live with losing stuff here and there, you are not bothered by the decay and you dont mind the wild wild west nature of the officials, official.
If you still want to be online and interract with other players but have admins to assist when needed, private servers. There will be rules, there might be mods but there are many good servers with caring admins out there.

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