My thralls are stuck at lvl 0 with 0/4700 exp

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: [EU]

My thralls are stuck at lvl 0 and won’t earn experience when they kill stuff, so far they all (around 5 individuals) have had 4700 exp until next level. all thralls I’ve broken has been from Trappers Cabin. Other players on the server doesn’t share this issue.

  1. capture thrall from Trappers cabin
  2. break thrall in lesser wheel of pain
  3. feed them and outfit them
  4. have them follow me
  5. Kill enemies

are they following you when they kill stuff?
never mind I didn’t see the list.

The standard question, do you use mods?

It’s a modded server, yes. The other players don’t have any issues using the same mods

do you use pickup+ (or other mod for pickup) and did you by any chance pick your broken thrall up once already?

I use pickup+, yes.
I pick him up from the wheel of pain and that’s it

since your thrall is somehow “broken” you may as well try to pick it up and put it back to see if the issue gets resolved. also how many thralls are on follow the same time?

I only have one follow me at a time.

Picking them up and placing them down again didn’t do anything

neither did restarting the game

last question before I am out of ideas, do you use the vanilla option for follow? white icon with waving hand?

No, it’s a green option

ok, now that might be the problem. try using the white icon to follow, you should have 2 (i guess you have better thralls installed as well).

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I’ll try the other one tomorrow, it’s getting late here

I had the same issue and it is indeed the followers enhanced mod (the green option) that causes this - the leveling system does not work with the modded follow, it only works if you use the vanilla follow (that means you can only level 1 thrall at a time. Also, horses count as followers, which kinda sucks).

Is it “Better Thralls”? By now Testerli (mod author) doesn’t give any EXP to additional Followers. So choose one you want to level-up as vanilla Follower and use others just to help you. Later on Testerli plans to change this but he gives no ETA.

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