Thrall Level Reseted

Gamemode: PVE-C
Type of issue: Bug
Server type**: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

It seems all thralls levels have been set to lvl 0. But all stats have been set to 0, which makes named thralls even weaker than tier 1 thralls.
Even through the thralls are level 0, their perks are still unlocked.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Level thralls to certain Level
2.Log in next day
3.All thralls are now lvl 0


Hey @synthus

Did this happen in a private server or in an official one?
If in a private server, are there any mods installed?

Good Morning @Ignasi on my server we encounter the very same issue

The thralls get leveled, their hp rise, perks show up, the server restarts and everything gets messed up.

Before you ask, yes we tried it with vanilla ( without mods ) and with our current modlist… the result is the same…
Even with not 1 single mod installed, this keeps happening.

It goes so far that lv 13 follower went down all the way to 0.
A dancer with priviously 3,7k hp had after a restart suddenly 5,2k wheresas a fighter at lv9 with 8,9k hp went down to 4,2k hp, from 43str back down to 19…

this is…madness… to quote a player of my community.

AlrenStorm was also able to reproduce this in the dev kit, since I was first in the belief that it was due to their Emberlight Mod… but yeah… more testing showed us that the bug happens without mods just as well as with. The keyfactor is though, it happens ALWAYS AFTER a Restart!

Mode: PC
Private Server - online Multiplayer
Modded and Unmodded Servers.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Level a new follower up to any level, take a screenshot of their stats
  2. Restart the Server
  3. Check your follower again and compare the current stats to those on your screenshot.

Thanks for the additional info, @Daenaira
Could you specify a rate of reproduction of this issue (i.e 100% happens every time the server restarts for every thrall and so on)



This screenshot from op is taken from official server 1043. It is server-wide problem and for example I have no mods at all and I also got all thralls reset to level 0.

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okay that kind of information will take some time to gather.

i have different reports from several players with bases all over the map and not one of them has the same thrall as current follower… so i need at least 1 restart at minimum to get people to take screenshots from before and after the restart and preferably from as many different thralls as possible in the process…

but as far as i can say… it every restart but not every thrall… now to figure out which thrall is and isn’t affected, if it is a t3 or t4 only issue or a certain faction or location specific problem will take some additional observation from us. ( aka… a bit more time >.< sorry :confused: )


Happened on my private server with no mods on every thrall. So it’s a general problem. Not just down to factions or tiers.

Plus there are HP and level bugs on servers regarding bosses. The king rhino goes down in two hits. FUncom need to test these patches more and put it on Testlive for 3-4 weeks, not days. It was on testlive for 5 day’s. No bug reporting or fixes can be done in that time. This game acts like it’s still in Beta or EA. Yet people are charged £33 to be live guinea pigs. It’s a joke.

I can verify its happens on official Single player server with no mods.

Here is my test thrall, level 0 fresh thrall as you can see at level 0 he should have 22320 once he is feed and has all his hit points.

When he got to level 15

Then after he was fed up and fully healed I logged off, this is him when I logged back in still shows his perks but his hit points have reset back down to his base again.

I should also state all his leveling was done in game not with console commands but with normal leveling ways such as fighting.

Also if you notice his base hit points change every time he is looked at. Anywhere from 18, 051 to 18, 081 and if you also notice his stats change also up and down. Its very strange how he levels and then unlevels back in different ways.


Hello, as others already mentioned, this happens on official server 1043 pve-c. The levels were reseted several times. It happens to all thralls including horses. It might be connected with the server lag. The lag sometimes causes server to shut down for over hour. After server restart the levels are sometimes reseted. Normal server restart does not always cause this. The thralls are still affected though, and they lose their base stats, and always start at 0. It seems followers also retain some xp. For example lvl 12 follower is reseted to lvl 0. But after 1 kills goes to lvl 5 and then it levels normaly.


Thanks everybody who provided some details about this issue. We’ve classified it as a high priority task and a fix is already finished, but it’s currently being tested by QA. We aim to include it in the upcoming hotfix, although that might slightly delay its release by a few hours.


Are we there yet?

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Could we get an update please, is it definately not going to require a rollback to get them back to their old levels with there previous Stats/Level up increases restored to as they were prior to this bug? I made sure to feed mine every level to increase the stat gain potentials and although better than nothing i would hate them to level all 15 levels again and go up much worse especially without having a buff taken into consideration each level…

I wonder, if the hotfix will fix the thrall stats to wherever they should be, or if the affected thralls will remain useless. This would help us determine if we should get rid of them, and get a new ones, or we can keep them.


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so, the upcoming hotfix that is currently days away. the current reason for me to log on was to level up thralls. you messed that up, and now i will have to wait days? Tbh, my patience is running low. Tell your investors that you need more manpower and more time before you release new content, this way you can give youre paying customers a complete product. I mean this in a positive way, no rage.

Hi, again… So my thrall that was lev 15 is still lev 4 when i logged on. Are we just a joke to you guys? 12 hours of leveling a thrall and you make us start over because you can’t deliver a functioning patch. I have said it so many times over and over in different posts, get this game out of early access before you spew out new content that messes with the gameplay over and over again. Instead you mock us with this behaviour. Please get your act together.

It’s been fixed in the new patch.

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