Followers stuck on level 0 after update

Game mode: | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug

All my thralls that I enslave are all level 0 and dont gain Xp from fighting I checked for an update on my Ps4 but nothing shows and I missing something ?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enslave a thrall
  2. Place the thrall

So in order to lvl up the thrall must be following you also all thralls starts at 0 but there growth rates vary but due note that no thrall is the same you could get the exact same thralls but there growth rate varies so one may be better that it’s counter part meaning you will have to break them
Over and over to get the best stats or what you want there was a thread to explain this in one of the categories and a video but I don’t remember which one Not sure I do this right but @Hugo can post The links I don’t remember how ok ok I don’t know how never did it lol

Any legacy thralls you had prior to update .will not level up only ones caught after update

Hello @Conanclassic, welcome to the forums!

As it has been mentioned, it’s likely that you’ve placed thralls that we captured before the follower leveling system was introduced, which only works for newly captured thralls.

For more information please refer to this thread:

Also, please let us know if this was not the case!

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