Thralls/pets won't level (official PVE server #1950 Oceania)

Game mode: Online official (gportal server 1950)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Australia/Oceania

Thralls/pets won’t level. When provided with preferred food, and taken into battle, no progression of level 0 thralls/pets to something higher. Tried with: Greater Bear x 2, Snow Hunter Dalnisa, and some others I can’t remember. It’s only been happening for about a week

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Does this issue still persist? We tried to load into 1950 and level up a follower and it worked normally.


Has been working for me on 1950.
Was on 2 days ago and got Ana the Reaver up to lvl 13 in a few trips to the UC and volcano.
My wife took Kisthis Fleshtearer to lvl 10 in UC also.

We haven’t tried any pets or horses yet as we don’t want to fill our limit with them so I don’t know if they have problems.

Will try a new one out in an hour or so.


The issue still persists! Just wandered around Sepemeru with a Level 0 Dalinsia Snow Hunter. She had heaps of preferred food, and joined in fighting with multiple mobs of prowlers. And yet absolutely nothing. I’ll try a brand new thrall at some point if I find the time…

Wait, there’s a limit? What does that mean? Tell me more!

A limit to how many followers you can have.

We did a Dalinsia about 2 weeks ago. Only up to lvl 13 so far.
I did Yen of the ferocious wind last night up to lvl 11 with no problems.

Just checking, are the thralls you’re trying to level older than the horsey patch from early December?

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So a brand new regular bear just levelled up for me. So maybe some thralls a persistently bugged, but new ones are okay? Dalnisia is stuck with the level thermometer at max for level 0.

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She was placed before the December update and will not level up


I guess those greater bears that wouldn’t level were placed before the update too. Sometimes it’s difficult knowing when/where a thrall/pet came from, lol. Thanks ya’ll :slight_smile: I love this game, and spend way too much time playing it ahahaha. If only I could do this for a living sigh


Yeah I know. We gave up trying to look for all of ours. We fired all the old ones we could find.
I know there is a berseker still buried somewhere under our base at the sinkhole and a Dalinsia in the mountain around sinners refuge.


That would explain the issue. Indeed, any thralls or pets placed before the Mounts update will not benefit from the leveling system. Any followers placed after the patch will.

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