All my thralls have got a level reset, Why?

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Today i loggod on on conan and i saw that all my thralls got a level reset now all my thralls are level 0 but they have still their perks on them. Can it fix again? I leveled so many, Why?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

wow thats new D8>

They still didn’t fixed the Character representation, lol.

Edit: yesterday i leveled her up again i have now 2 perks for a “level 10” her hp is as a lvl 10. I am missing some levels now, Why? When i getting my lost levels back. First i delete bunch of thralls before the update, i adept. Now i must level all my new thralls again but they missing levels? I dont want to complain but please fix them back like it should and no monkey business.

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We noticed it on the server I play on, it sometimes happens after a server reset, it is marked as being fixed in one of the PC updates (not sure if it is actually fixed for sure I haven’t checked to see) so hi am hoping that console players get our update soon


Hello @KillerQueen, this issue has already been fixed internally and its fix will be available in the next console patch, which will be available soon.

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Thank you

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