Boost Experience Pet / Thrall 2.0 (New Update)

Friends, I’m leveling a legionary skeleton, put black lotus flower in his inventory, now that it’s level 11, I’m in Asgard pleasing the enemies and let him kill, but it’s taking too long to raise the level, could have like a Boost XP, stoned power type or power board placed in his inventory and consumed of that type a 50%, or 100% exp. by death.


There are people who said they are reaching level 20 in two hours? how do you do that? do you have a secret? :fearful:

I would be interested in hearing about how they leveled to 20 in a couple hours. It took me 2 days to get to level 20.

I would love to see how they are leveling in 2 hours, I have been at it for hours and hours today since early morning and its 3:25 pm for me and my thrall is at level 8 still, its becoming frustrating to level. So if there is a secret be glad to hear it.

I think mods can boost experience gain? Pippi mod? Also in admin mode, i think.
It is tedious to level thralls and also the foal -horse conversion? Feels slower than a T4 thrall…

Just used the admin settings player exp gain seems to do the trick, or combat exp gain ( i am not very methodically, but my thrall levels fast now!

The current experience scale isn’t aimed at high level kills. I haven’t really seen any difference in Biome choice. It’s better to murder trash by the metric ton, over high health kills. Black Hand Galleon where there are a lot of mobs or Imp caves is the place to level.

I would imagine early birds on PvP servers got a truckload of experience slaughtering all the gimped thralls too.

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Is this a complaint? I thought you were having fun leveling your spider to 20. That was yesterday. Has something changed today? What in your experience has changed your opinion of the leveling system that you are now asking for a change or boost from the developers?

I was leveling the spider but I saw that it is taking too long and there are people who said that leveled in 2 hours, then I asked the secret just that.

Now if we could make a potion to gain experience and putting in the Pet / Thrall inventory would be interesting, that’s all. :nerd_face:

The thrall experience gain seems to be connected to the player experience gain. Befor the new update i never went levelling with the thrall, because his/her kills were lost exp for me, now i tried it and we leveled both. So killing high level opponents gives clearly more exp, the question is how long this takes. Now i am level 60, so i can open legendary chests, so i can get decent weapons, so… My thralls and i are rampaging world bosses now :smiling_imp:

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Suggestion: I could put a ‘Tablet of Power’ in the Pet / Horse / Thrall Inventory, which would be consumed in 2 hours and give him a 100% XP Booster, which would help to level them up faster.

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Volcano racetrack and unamed city bosses. About 4 hrs. Im heading to well of skelos and warmakers today to see if its any quicker. I wouldnt do the unamed city with an undead but the volcano should be decent enough

Oh, finally i get to know what the tablet is for! There are too many things in this game :slight_smile:

i think the skeletons (w spectral coating) provide the most bang for ur buck

lmao right and a new player should get this by running into the unnamed city, finding said fragment without getting killed so they can level a thrall. That is not a fix and not possible at level say 15 in a vanilla game on a vanilla server. Leveling thralls is hard work at a low level and they DIE, did no one notice that they DIE , level them up to 10 a corrupt kappa or wolf comes along and eats them in 10 seconds flat, oh right off to get a new one , break it and start the leveling all over.

First do not get me wrong I do not have a problem to level but its a pain in the ■■■ to do that while your base is empty while you are out training up a thrall to have it die before its ever leveled up enough to even go to the unnamed city with you to hunt for fragments which seem to now be all in different places then they were or maybe they are broken who the heck knows.

Thing is if you are leveling each thrall naturally without the setting tab and changing how you get xp or how much you get, why is it no one willing to admit its damn hard and then you get a worthless thrall at level 20 some times and so its roll the dice again over and over to get enough to defend a base, please its a time sink a way to extend end game and it is not fun at all but telling people to cheese it by putting in a tablet of power really I think that is wrong way to show people how to do things by the cheese way but hey this is all just IMO>

Oh btw did you forget the Tablet is a roll of the dice to get and could take you 100 fragments, could take more, if really lucky might take 10. Its not like you just walk in and get said tablet btw remember you need to spend one fragment for each chance at something, in case you forgot, its a chance and its a small chance.

I made this point prior to the patch and that does not add value. Within 24 hours, the biggest advocates of this patch are already asking for a change.

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If you want to level thralls fast, kill rock donkeys, especially the white ones in the brimstone pits. You’re welcome.

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