Question: Thralls and XPs

Lately I’ve noticed the XPs of my Fighter thrall do not go up with each kill. In the past, they did. But I’ve been killing really serious event stuff with my level 13 Fighter Thrall. I look at their XP bar expecting to see lovely results. Nadda. No increase in number.

I thought maybe they didn’t get XPs for Sorcerer event (even though they did in the past.) So, I went out and killed a bunch of other stuff. Rock creatures. Hyenas. No number increase. My Fighter does eventually level, leading me to believe they are getting XPs and the number just doesn’t show.

Any one notice this?

Do thralls stop getting XP from low-level creatures at high level?


Maybe the things you’re killing are just super low xp gain. Try killing grey apes or desert salamanders and see if it’s different. Or 3 skulls also real good xp

Human foes are especially useless for XP, but that’s probably to discourage completely depopulating Sep all the time.

So, the game deprives us to use the excuse of thrall leveling to go full murder hobo on Sepermeru ! :grin:

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Yes, I took a new level 9 Fighter Thrall out to those Spider Bosses in the South-Eastern EL map. Each kill = 1 level. Six spider bosses dead (and a lot of baby huge spiders) and she was level 16. 16-18 doing the sorcerer event at Scavenger’s Breath. So, either FC fixed this problem, or I’m hallucinating.

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