Thrall killing creatures doesn't give XP anymore?

Tried a new match with 0 mods, and when my thrall finished killing a creature doesnt give me xp anymore. The creature only gives me XP if i kill him myself.
PD: i know u have to hit at least once the creature to get the xp, but doesnt work anymore (?)

Hasn’t it always been this way?

Nope, since always if you would hit once the creature, would count as u helped killing him so u get xp anyway , doesnt matter who kill the creature. But now seems like that changed. Sucks cuz now thralls are almost useless for PVE, you would have to let your thrall lower the HP of the boss, and when is nearly dead you would have to put the thrall away SOMEHOW, and finish the boss by yourself in order to get the XP, cuz if the thrall kills it, u get 0 xp. This update sucks.

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It seems to me that it must be a last hit. At least Firespark81 showed leveling on bosses in his recent video: he had to stop fight and to lead his Thrall away from the boss room in order to make a last hit himself. There is a mod for getting XP in such a way that you describe, PetKill XP or something like this.

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Yeah maybe it’s just because I never used thralls that way, but I was always under the impression that that was how kills worked (last hit gets 100% of the XP doesn’t matter who did which part of the damage).

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