Thralls/Pets not leveling

so I killed dozens of mobs and noone got exp but me
not the thrall following me
not the pet following me
mind I play only solo/singleplayer
and started a new game recently, so no old thralls/pets

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First question as usual: Do you have any mods installed?
Second question: If yes, have you tried to uninstall/ remove the mods to check if the issue still exists?
(If you are playing on a pc you can make a copy of the game.db before you remove the mods, so you are able to go back to a point before you have removed the mods for the test).

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I am renting a server via g portal and this has happened to me as well, no thralls are leveling even using admin command.

What admin command are you using? Post it here so we can verify its correct for you. (hopefully, its a quick fix like mistyping the command or something).

Or another possible solution might be to check out Firespark81’s video on pet/thrall leveling (maybe you’re character isn’t engaging in the combat and just letting the thrall do all the work, in which case, no experience is gained):

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Thanks for the answers.
Yes I have some mods running and yes I deactivated them.

Whatever, the simplest solution is the best? Well… I figured I havent started a new game… just recreated the char… figured that out when I suddenly run into “my old” base… and was like “oh f…” Well, started a new game, for sure now, and all is working.

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Probably those pets/thralls didn’t get any xp because they were existing things you had before the update. Those won’t ever get xp and level up.

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