Thralls and pets stealing exp

Dunno if its a mod that i use but my thralls and pets are stealing my exp if i am not last hitting the enemy.

That’s a fact, if they kill the ennemi before you, they will steal the xp.
You need be fast, i know. :slight_smile:

Well that sucks ^^’

Or learn to act without a thrall or pet

This is why I caution new players about accepting powerful pets from higher level players and taking them everywhere. The level 60s are trying to be helpful, and the pets can help you survive, but they’re almost certain to last hit when you’re still much less powerful.

under 45 i would suggest you stick to either solo mode with what you can craft, ask for a helping hand or trade for a tier above your crafts for journey steps//dungeons then hit something you have an issue with.
once 45 consider bringing a tier 2 or 3 with you like a bearer, does not kill fast so it wont steal exp and can lend so off hand dps to let you kill a bit faster without stealing your exp.

also i woudl suggest you check how you placed your stats. this situation may vary on your level

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