Pets stealing kill Xp, an issue or just how it's supposed to be?

So, I don’t know exactly what this would fall under, it’s not really a suggestion or a bug, but a awkward game mechanic since the pet update. First I want to say, that I love the pets. It was a great addition to the game. I have spent about 30 hours playing over the past week and I drag my pet greater hyena around everywhere with me. I run a shield and sword build so I tank and let him DPS. The issue I’m coming across after trying to farm mobs for Xp around level 20-25, which I know probably isn’t the best way to lvl. Anyway, it seems I’m getting no kill Xp. So I started looking online how XP works in Conan, I’ve always enjoyed researching into stuff like this in games, it’s part of learning the way the game plays and optimizing your play style.

Anyway, to get to the point, It seems the Xp reward from kills goes mostly to whoever gets the final hit when it dies, I don’t know how true this is but it makes sense that if my pet gets the last hit on a mob, I get none of the Xp, which also explains why when I was experimenting I was getting plenty of XP fighting on my own, but not nearly as much with their help. I even took the time to experiment a little and watched the XP bar while my pet killed mobs, nothing happened. While when I get that last blow fighting solo, you can clearly see the little spike of Xp.

As much as I enjoy having my pet around with me, this really breaks half of the reason of having him, and in my opinion, the more enjoyable half of having him with me. Now I don’t know if this needs to be fixed or maybe balanced or if it’s just how the game is meant to be. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone, just because I want to know what people think, as well as I’d like the devs to see this and I’d especially like to know their idea on it.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read and thanks more for any feedback.

Yip pretty sure its who ever gets the kill hit gets the exp, why dont get get exp if the AI/thrall kills it probably because if you did you could just go put ya thrall in the middle of a spawn an build a tower or climb something to be safe go AFK an let the thrall kill an level you up. They could of had it as a percentage of damage gets a percentage of exp but funcom are pretty poor developers so thats probably a bit too much.

I’ll have to test it with pets, but I know players share exp. You just need to get a hit in sometime right before it dies. I think as long as you see the hp bar you will get exp.

Yeah, I get that people could farm Xp if your pet kills gave you Xp. As they are right now they are pretty strong, which is kind of why I like using them. it’s fun tanking and kiting enemies while my pet does most of the work, Which I guess is fair that you don’t get as much XP if they do all the work. I think pets in general need a bit of balancing and rework to make them more acceptable in the game. As it is, I can stat into a combat based build, give myself the best weapon at my lvl and my pet still out kills me.

I spent a little time experimenting on my own with pets after I noticed I wasn’t really getting the Xp from the kills or at least it didn’t seem like it. From what I could tell, my Xp bar was not moving if the pet got the kill no matter if I hit the mob or not.

Anyway, thanks for the replies, for now I just set him to stand nearby when I go into combat and I solo mobs one at a time. If I get into trouble I kite enemies over to him so he can protect me. That seems to work, just kind of annoying to have to do over and over in each combat situation. But I enjoy the game enough where it’s not critical, just a nuisance.

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I agree with Taemien, I also believe you’re sharing a smaller pool of XP… as more entities join the battle the foe drops in XP value.

Yep, this is precisely why I’m hestitant about taking pets or thralls with me when adventuring if I’m not yet max level. It’s also something I warn newer players about should generous alphas gift them a pet or fighter.

It’s not a bad idea having them around for protection while gathering or for the extra inventory spaces. But I agree, it’s better to face foes on your own. Learn to defend yourself and plus you get the Xp that way.

I use thralls when I’m going into a capital to take prisoners. I hate fighting with truncheons with a passion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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